1. U

    Express pool is here

    From Uber: Drivers have been asking when rates will go up. With express pool, you can get more rides and pickups in less time. What they are telling riders: No need to tip, as your low fare includes a tip that is split among all the other riders in the car (the additional pickup fee)
  2. BurgerTiime

    Lyft's new in-app google gps sucks!

    Don't get me wrong, I love how there's instant guidance and it's definitely much safer but the destination and actual location of pin are way off. Half block to 2 blocks difference. The guidance will take you to back of buildings and pass easy entrances to areas guiding you the long way. Then...
  3. B


    Last night I turn on app around 5. First pickup is a guy Roberto or something in Newton going to South End. On the sidewalk he has a table saw (wrapped in plastic), a compressor, bag of dirty clothes and 2 vinyl bags of wood stains and assorted junk. I let him load the trunk, begrudgingly. We...
  4. Tenzo

    Junker Uber cars

    Maybe its the weather. Maybe it's that good cars lose money with Uber, I don't know but I have seen a lot of beat up Uber cars. Cracked windshields. no back bumper, banged up. Are you guys seeing the same thing?
  5. Zap

    Trip Incentive 12/12 to 12/16

    25 trips for $10 In Chicago terms, not enough for a pack of smokes; 7 minutes of downtown parking; a torta & soda (no tip); 1 small beer @ a sporting event; 3.75 gallons of gas; 1 quart of full synth motor oil (on sale). :(:mad::(