john zimmer

  1. Cold Fusion

    Lyft CEO on Drivers Accused of Sexual Assault Lyft Co-Founder and President John Zimmer discusses how his company handles public safety issues like sexual assault accusations against drivers. He speaks at WSJ Tech Live.
  2. R

    Open Forum: Uber, Lyft ready to do our part for drivers ? Millions of people — more than 1% of the U.S. workforce — choose to drive with Uber and Lyft, the companies we lead. In a tight labor market that gives workers many...
  3. bonum exactoris

    Lyft IPO could spark asset class war

    Trend of granting founders special status under growing scrutiny Can you name the guys who launched Lyft? Probably not, because...
  4. T

    Undercover boss

    Just posting the images of a few scumbags out there trying to make life hard on us. Some of you might not even realize who you are driving around. Nobody at these companies wants to fess up or take responsibility for all of the bait n switch practices, so these guys can take the heat. If you...