1. N

    How does Jfk dispatch work for yellow cab?

    Hi guys i am going to drive a yellow can soon and am very nervous! Please can anyone guide me how dispatch system work at airport like jfk and how do taxis get in the line? Where is it located? Any tips for me to be better?
  2. burgerflipper

    BOYCOTT UBER AT THE AIRPORTS!!!! (use Lyft instead)

    Tonight Lyft was dark purple in both airports, and Uber showed no surge at all. I wasn't nearby, so I didn't see how many cars were in the queue, but I suspect it was one (link). In case any of you haven't caught on, please turn off your Uber app at the airport when you see this is going on. I...
  3. Frank Underwood


    Just dropped off a customer. In the lot. This parking lot SMELLS LIKE FRESH (poop) . Like wtf!!!!
  4. U

    clueless yellow driver

    Hi all. I am about to become a clueless yellow driver. I've done Uber, now I will be trying out yellow for a bit. I figure I'll start at the airports, otherwise I might be cruising hours without a fare. I have no idea how yellow works at the airports. I've seen their lot at jfk, but I have...
  5. Uberboyz

    No lights at FHV lot

    Guys, please, turn lights off when you are standing on cell phone lot at night. It is bothering while I am sleeping at car for 3rd hour to get an Uberpoo ping.
  6. SchaefferChauffeur

    Breaking News: Uber suspended Surge Pricing in NYC

    Uber is trying to break the strike in NYC by suspending surge pricing. Cab Drivers are protesting the Muslim ban while Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, who recently showed his support for President Donald Trump, is attempting to help break the strike while screwing over Uber drivers by suspending surge...
  7. M

    Ride to JFK from new haven morning of 5/19

    Just wanted to see if I could get confirmation for a ride at about 6:30am. Thanks, Mike
  8. A

    New driver question regarding JFK Airport Drop Off - John F Kennedy Airport question

    Hello, I'm a new driver in North NJ. I have a question regarding Airports Drop Offs. I understand it's riskier to pick up at Newark airport than it is to drop off. I have no intentions of picking up passengers in Airports, I will stick to picking up in residential areas and just drop off at...