jersey shore

  1. MoneyMitch

    Monday the 29th: Sandy Anniversary

    It’s hard to believe that on Monday it will be the six year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy making landfall. Like 2012, the Sandy landfall was also on a Monday. If anyone has any stories, feel free to share them. What are the chances of another Sandy happening again? Imagine how it would have...
  2. JerseyBoy911

    Letting off Pax

    Unless you want ticket please be wary of where you drop your passengers off I've already talked to a couple drivers that got this ticket this weekend. They can't get us because of the new law effective May 1st so they're going to get us on everything else plus this is what Shore cops do...
  3. ashleyann59

    Jersey Shore Easter ?

    hey guys.. I worked Easter last year in Hoboken/JC/Union City/Weehawken and it was busy but it usually is there. I live in Toms River so I'm trying to stay here this weekend. How is it usually? When is it going to start getting crazy summer type busy again? Memorial Day Weekend? Any input would...
  4. SalvatoreUberNJ

    Why are people still driving in Belmar?

    I saw at least 12-16 drivers just parked around Belmar/Lake Como last night. FOR WHAT REASON THE SHORE IS DEAD. Completely wasting your time if you think Bar A or Boathouse is packed on a friday night especially after Labor Day.
  5. TannerCaldwell

    Jersey Shore Police Crackdown

    So last night, I was doing my weekend Uber driving down in Sea Isle, Ocean City, Avalon...ya know, the whole strip. As I was driving around, I started noticing what looked like Uber drivers pulled over pretty consistently throughout all of the cities I was picking up in. So, I started to get...
  6. E

    4th July Weekend: Northern NJ or Jersey Shore?

    Hello, First time posting. I'm new to Uber and I was wondering, will it be worth it do go down the shore for the 4th of July weekend or should I stay on Northern NJ? Whats your oppinion?
  7. dolfanjim

    Did anyone else get scre*** by Uber $40 guarantee for memorial day?

    I have spoken with at least 11 people that got screwed by Uber for the holiday weekend guarantee. Friday: Too many drivers and not enough riders to qualify for 1 ride per hour. Typically people starting early and waiting hours for first ride. Acceptance %. Issues with their pool app where...
  8. JerseyBoy911

    Speaking with Drivers Since Recent Rate Cuts

    So I have been doing my leg work and I have to say its very disheartening to hear these guys talk. Lot of drivers I spoke to are just, well stuck.... They have made the their FT gig. They haven't been seeing any return from their resume being out there and have decided that in the interim...
  9. JerseyBoy911

    It's time....

    It's time to organize. It's been shown it can be done. We can start it. If they did it, so can we! I'm looking into tax codes now. It can be just NJ Drivers...
  10. SalvatoreUberNJ

    Interaction with Police

    So I have been pulled over 3 times since starting with Uber and I've learned one thing from it. As long as you're honest with them chances are they will NOT give you a ticket. I was always honest and nice with each officer I interacted with and they would just hand me back my stuff with just...
  11. A

    Does anyone know how much the median uberBLACK/uberSUV driver makes in NJ (New Jersey)

    If anyone knows any UberBlack or UberSUV drivers in NJ, would you happen to know how much they're grossing or netting? I'm looking to finance a vehicle that covers all four platforms of Uber (UberX, UberXL, UberBlack and UberSUV). My brother owns a Limo License that I would be operating under...
  12. Papaplus

    Hi! New Driver Here New Jersey, I Live in Belcoville, NJ, about twenty minutes outside Atlantic City

    I drive a Nissan Versa. I am about twenty minutes outside of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Hoping to find drivers From AC, so we can add a City. What are everyones plans this weekend during the Papal Mass in Philly?