1. qluxor

    "Getting account ready" message

    I have signed up for u ber eats. At first it was working fine. Then I decided to register for uber driver. My car does not qualify which is fine but now, I can't do uber eats either. I just get the message "Getting account ready"
  2. Christopher Jones

    DoorDash revolt

    It seems like DoorDash has completely forgotten about their drivers. I had a order where I got paid $28. The restaurant delay was 30 minutes, so I tried calling in to get paid for the delay (30 minutes would’ve been $14, 50% of the fare). They are not taking calls from Dashers. Then I tried...
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    Hit Me With Your LYFT ISSUES

    I now have access to a form that can submit directly to the 'Ears of Lyft' - alas it is not public, and I have to actually fill in the issues one by one as we go forward. This is a full request for you all to post the Major (and Minor) issues you have with LYFT. Please be articulate. All items...
  4. D

    Endless repeating support cycle? (Need help)

    Hi all, First post here. A few nights ago (Monday, after midnight) I accidentally tried to cash out after activating my new debit card at an atm... causing Uber’s system to flag me for a phishing attempt. At first, I think little of it. A message tells me I’m blocked from editing account info...
  5. SmD71nG

    Uber Hertz rental issue

    So, I have once again been locked out of the app by the hertz rental team. I have been doing my weekly extensions and will require a renewal next week. I have been driving without any issue or notifications. Until last night. I got an email stating that my rental is "extremely past due and must...
  6. K

    Can't Log Into Uber Driver App...maybe it's a good thing?

    Just tried to open my Uber Driver app and it put me to the start-up screen, asking for email. Typed it in and it doesn't recognize it. Doesn't recognize phone number either. Anyone else have this issue? Any solutions? Been driving for about three weeks now. About ready to give this up. My...
  7. M

    For hire tags issues today!?

    For some reason uber xl option vanished from my account, and I don't even get any uber x requests just meals, so what's going on?
  8. Gone_in_60_seconds

    LYFT App Issues - Pick up and Destination address not visible

    I notice that only the LYFT App has this issue. When I accept the request, i am unable to see the pick up address, until the google maps takes me to that actual destination first. And then after i press pick up passenger, the destination address is visible for 3 seconds or less, and then the...
  9. BurgerTiime

    Courtney Love just ripped into UberEats on Twitter^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  10. TinyinSanAntonio

    San Antonio Airport .....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    :mad: So I decide to check out the airport last night, I saw that the airport has new rules about FIFO and they place you in a queue. I got there around 9pm and was vehicle 34 in queue. I went to the Cell Phone waiting lot to wait my turn. I did not turn the app off as is specified by the...
  11. BurgerTiime

    The trouble spout never turns off for Uber - Israel bans Uber In Major Blow, Court Bars Uber From Operating in Israel Starting Tuesday morning, Uber Day and Uber Night will be not be allowed to run cars through their app due to insurance issues Haaretz Uber has been...
  12. Maven

    Ithaca-Tompkins Airport & Elmira-Corning Airport

    Anyone do a pickup or dropoff at either of these airports? If so, was it Ithaca, Elmira, or both? a pickup, a dropoff, or both? Uber, Lyft, or both? How was your experience? Any problems or issues? Would you do it again? Lyft has suggested procedures for Ithaca, Elmira, and other Airports...
  13. Whoanelly

    ASV valet or valet in general-downtown, warehouse, flats?

    Anyone have issues with valet?
  14. B

    Mediation Process for School Project

    Hi Everybody, I am doing a paper for one of MBA classes about mediation. I am exploring the topic of mediation and "independent contractors" like Uber drivers. Is anyone willing to share their experience with mediation with Uber or a passenger? Anything would help. Thanks, Brandon
  15. UberxGTA

    Trip scheduling causing issues

    There seems to be an increasing trend of people expecting an uber to arrive at the exact time they scheduled an arrival time for. Riders are neither reading the fine print or comprehend that a driver is 'not guaranteed' to show up at their requested time. Riders are scheduling their...
  16. StephenT

    UberEats Delivery surge and I got lunch!

    Ok, honestly I am waiting for the other shoe to fall. Took a rider to a high school (don't ask dont' tell). Took nearly 10 minutes to exit parking lot, the entire time I was surrounded by surge no less than 2.0x - but no pings. 15 minutes later I am still working my way towards a highway, still...
  17. G

    Need help (hourly Denver Lyft averages) for insurance claim!

    Soooooo an idiot hit my parked car on Super Bowl Sunday and I haven't been able to drive for Lyft since. Unfortunately my work situation has also changed since then and I would have been driving a lot of hours that I've never driven before. Lyft will not give me any help regarding hourly...
  18. Cocaine Rodriquez

    Uber Pool issues

    I am sure this has been discussed a ton, but I am new to the page and to the Atlanta area. I drove part time in Cleveland Ohio but they didn't have Uber pool up there so it's a bit new to me. I had an issue with Uber pool the other day when a woman and her two kids got in the car. I didn't even...
  19. UberxGTA

    Self Driving Cars in Doubt More than just a couple of rough weeks ahead for companies involved with testing or producing self driving cars.
  20. BurgerTiime

    Driver left holding the bag after accident

    Uber driver runs into insurance issues after accident: Wojciechowski was told Uber's insurance would cover the damage to the vehicle she hit, but not the damage to her own car. The...