1. afrojoe824

    The dark side to Uber’s unstoppable cash grab

    Morgan Stanly and Bank of America encouraging their clients with $10 million or more to blindly invest in uber. Not only that, they can't see uber's financial information. More people blindly investor in Uber puts pressure on Travis K to go public. An excerpt to the article - As more and...
  2. Fuzzyelvis

    Interesting article--about Chipotle, but I think it sounds a lot like Uber

    I think the part about expansion applies to Uber! Chipotle's disastrous 2015: What investors need to know BY MarketWatch — 5:18 AM ET 12/29/2015 Lessons to learn from the burrito chain's woes Every year, it seems, Wall Street needs to learn the same lessons. Among them: Don't expand a business...
  3. W

    Uber IPO and fake Valuations

    just read this today which is very interesting. Uber investors want to go public but Kalanick does not want to.http://flip.it/oiaxg With its $50B valuation one of its main investors is also saying that all these valuations are fake...