1. BAKAD

    Employees and recent investors did not do so well with IPO

    While I don't feel sorry for any of them, they are getting a little taste of what it is like to be running a company that has taken advantage of it's revenue source, the drivers so badly. Article Here The way these start ups work is the folks get stock options with promises of riches later...
  2. 300Miles

    Strike AND buy stock

    There is one really good cynical reason to strike, even if the Stepford Driver implant is kicking in and telling you to obey your masters and make that @@@@@@ Kalanick $8.7 Billion in the IPO. The reason is that if you invested the pittance Uber gave you last month in the Morgan Stanley...
  3. Attockpak1

    Price rises incoming!!!!

    https://www.wsj.com/amp/articles/why-the-uber-lyft-ipos-may-lead-to-higher-fares-11555925401 Tldr: Lyft has already on average raised prices by about 15%... articles states that duber and Lyft will have to answer to investors and public market pressure to show results... They envision 2...
  4. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Investors preparing to cash out after Uber IPO. Even have a fitting celebrity endorsement.

  5. DollarFree

    When will the message ever sink in?

    How many times do idiots with money need to be told the same thing? (About as many times as us idiots with cars, I guess) https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/business-47871117 And if the idiot investors do wise up do we still get our free $500/1000/10000?
  6. D

    Early Lyft investors are shorting the stock to lock in profits

    "Morgan Stanley, a lead underwriter for Lyft rival Uber, is one of the brokerages selling a “short” product to pre-IPO investors, three sources close to the situation said. A big bank that helped to underwrite Lyft’s IPO has also been asked for help “shorting” Lyft’s stock by pre-IPO investors...
  7. MHR

    Lyft IPO Will Likely Snap

    https://seekingalpha.com/article/4251189-lyft-ipo-will-likely-snap Summary Lyft expects to IPO at the end of this week. The ride-sharing transportation service is nowhere close to generating a profit. The stock appears poised to pop on the IPO, setting up new investors for failure at a...
  8. DollarFree

    Lyft IPO - Invest NOW

    Lyft loses $1bn a year and has no hope of ever making a profit. They need you to buy their shares THIS WEEK to make the founders & investors personally rich. They deserve fast cars and big houses - Invest Your Money. Then they will lose all your money too. Invest in LYFT - for a better tomorrow.
  9. UberGeo

    IPO: Help Me Find this Article - lower driver rates, give rider discounts - then raise rider rates

    I saw an article where uber admits they keep more money by continuously lowering our pay, they basically can offer the rider more discounts. The goal is to get both dependent, keep driver wages low and eventually raise rider rates.
  10. MHR

    Forbes Says Steer Clear of Lyft IPO

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2019/03/14/steer-clear-of-lyfts-ipo/ Steer Clear Of Lyft's IPO David TrainerContributor Great SpeculationsContributor Group The first big IPO of 2019 is here. This year could set new IPO records (for size and lack of profits), and it all starts...
  11. Kurt Halfyard

    Why I Am Not Driving This Week

    Cold Weather Returned. Potholes are currently at their worst in Toronto (And Brampton and Mississauga). LYFT IPO Shenanigans not helping the 'driving experience' on the Platform. Barely Completed A Ride Challenge Last Week...At 2am Sunday (Ouch). It was a struggle to get 47 rides. Time to take...
  12. waker81

    Will you make the list?

    Lyft/Uber IPO Cash for drivers
  13. 300Miles

    Make Money from Uber & Lyft's Stock Market Float

    Uber & Lyft are likely to float on the stock market this year. Naturally, drivers will be making exactly zero from these floats, while the developers, management, and other official c0praphages will be walking around with $$ signs in their eyes. But drivers do have an option to make money and...
  14. Beepbeep41

    Another IPO Advertisement

    https://apple.news/AHRFiQmywRkGAGXchJZjsEA Bitcoin, no. Uber yes! Look at all these stars that made so much!! You will too!!!!
  15. Single Malt

    What Happens To Fares After The Uber IPO?

    It's hard to believe there are enough suckers for Uber to pull off a successful IPO. However it looks like this is a real possibility. But make no mistake, the IPO has nothing to do with setting up a framework to make Uber into a profitable company, it's the investors trying to dump this turd on...
  16. Pax Collector

    No more pool

    Uber's IPO would mean that there will be a much increased pressure from investors to turn a profit. That could potentially force Uber to stop subsidizing rides, giving promotions, raise pax rates and eventually get rid of pool. What do you think?
  17. Dara khosrowshahi

    Uber is the way to go.

    With more than 70% of the market share and billions in revenue, Uber will outperform Lyft by many fold for years to come. Why not join the partnership for a bright future?
  18. Dara khosrowshahi

    Positive vibes

    As we prepare for an IPO, we would like to spread positive vibes on the forums. Share a story about how Uber has made a positive impact on your life.
  19. Dara khosrowshahi

    Hello, fellas!

    Who's excited about our IPO!? Let's hear it from our dedicated drivers.
  20. BurgerTiime

    Uber is a "bezzle," doomed to disappoint the suckers who buy into its IPO

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/boingboing.net/2018/12/09/no-moats-no-walls.html/amp “Uber has enjoyed a long subsidy in the form of drivers' financial illiteracy: drivers failed to account for their cars' depreciation in figuring their take-home pay, and as they wake up to a take-home pay that is...