1. RedoBeach

    Cracked Screen Repair 6s

    Does anyone know of a good place to get the screen replaced on my IPhone 6s? When I say good, I mean cheap.. (Cheaper than the standard $140 I've seen and not compromising quality parts/labor). I just repaired the screen on my old 5s at Stonestown booth and they did a great job, but the...
  2. Phill

    iOS 10 Rolls Out Tomorrow... Who wants to bet it breaks Uber and Lyft Driver Apps?

    Hope everyone is going to enjoy the day off tomorrow cause I'm pretty sure anyone that upgrades to iOS 10 tomorrow is not gonna be able to drive. Then again you don't HAVE to upgrade... you can let all the ants do it first... perhaps swipe a few off and clear the way for others?
  3. Chargersrt10

    iPhone VS Android

    Hey Guys and Gals. I'm looking to upgrade my iPhone 6 Plus. I really dislike Apple Maps, so I'm debating switching over to android for "Google Maps" exclusivity. Who uses iPhone and who uses Android for Uber? Vote in my Poll.
  4. Grand

    iPhone 4/4S and iOS 8

    Found this in the driver app under Help After August 30, 2016, Uber's partner app will only be available and supported for iOS devices using iOS 8 or above. iPhone 4 and most iPhone 4S devices will no longer support the Uber partner app. iPHONE 4 AND 4S Please upgrade your device as soon as...
  5. doitfortheuber

    Uber Partner app on Android vs iPhone

    Just started driving less than a week ago but I've read several different threads in this forum and it sounds like the Uber Partner app is a lot better on the Android platform than on IOS. True or False?
  6. LMicheleS

    Samsung Vs iPhone...which?

    Hi All. I have a question regarding which phone/OS works the best with Uber and Lyft. Currently, I'm on an old Samsung Galaxy S4 which likes to overheat and is known to be slowwwww. Other than those 2 things, I haven't had many problems. I want to upgrade, but am unsure which route to go...
  7. R

    Number of phones/devices

    Hey everyone, This is my first post on the forum. Just wondering how many phones you use when you are working and what you use each of the screens for? I usually just use one phone, but some drivers are using two?
  8. Troter

    Tired of the iPhone 5 S issues with Uber Partner's app...

    Last Night It says surge pricing if I look on any other pages at the TOP, besides the Partner App, but go to the Partner App NO COLOR. ..... Since October I have been having problems with my Partner and iPhone 5 S.. I have dealt with inconsistent Since October with the heat map, it shows up...
  9. Blaise Barnes

    Customer tries texting or calling me but gets Lyft! I get nothing.

    While driving under Uber, if customer tries to text me or call me they get a message from Lyft saying something to effect not a valid number. Same for me if I try to get to them. As usual I get boilerplate answers from Uber. I did drive for Lyft for a very short time. I've removed app. from...
  10. cruber

    Jailbreak. Swipe to start not working

    Does anyone know how yo bypass uber on a jailbroken iphone?
  11. UberMeansSuper

    So I Switched to the iDark iSide

    I've owned an Android devices since 2010 when I traded my meager (but rather cool-looking) Samsung Exclaim. My line up of phones since then have been: HTC EVO 4G HTC EVO 3D HTC EVO 4G LTE HTC One (M7) Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy Note Edge I dropped Sprint because they honestly sucked in...
  12. thebeardedgent

    Phones you have

    I just began to start the process to become a Uber "partner" over the weekend. Just looking to do this part time as my part time job (OfficeMax on Glenwood Ave is closing). Hoping to make about $300 every two weeks. But any who...I have a Samsung Alpha (2014) will this phone work with the Uber...
  13. RachelD

    Find my iPhone led rider to MY HOUSE!

    A rider came to my HOUSE this morning because of Find my iPhone. She had been in a huge ride of 7 passengers and her friend had purchased the Uber. So, instead of going through Uber to get her phone back, she pinged her phone and showed up at my front door. I have NEVER been so freaked out in my...
  14. IndiMan2233

    Removed Restrictions From Uber Issued iPhone??

    So i received the uber issued iPhone and I'm not allowed to have the app store, and i wanted to download "find my iPhone" to know where my iPhone is and so i can be tracked from back home, i found out you can remove the restriction that restricts the app store and i was wondering if i can remove...
  15. 3for3

    Dulles (IAD) app arrival issues

    I have issues with the app locking up at the airport. If i pull up to the arrival location at the pick up point the app will not automatically arrive it so i manually swipe "confirm arrival" on my Android but it locks up and wont go "Green"for me to start the trip so i have to sit still and...
  16. UberMeansSuper

    Drunk Suburb Girls

    It was 2:00 AM, just dropped off a really tipsy guy in a suburb of Fort Worth. I am contending logging off, since I do live in Dallas over 40 miles away and at this rate, I could end up anywhere. I pump gas ($2.09/gal! I can't pass this up!) and forgot to log out so I get a ping back to the bar...