1. 702RideshareGuy

    iPhone users only please: Can't make in-app phone calls to pax... anyone else

    Since mid-Oct,, when I try to call a pax via the app, the app freezes; it will just go blank (black screen). Can't use their dummy number or even my own number to contact them. Note:Text messages via the app work fine AND I can receive incoming calls from the pax. I spoke to Diamond "support"...
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    Remember when BlackBerry mocked the iPhone’s Chance of Success in 2007?

    Wow. RIM/Blackberry cannot even hit $150M revenue (not profit) target in 2019. Be careful of whom you mock! Apple is now one of the most rich corporations on earth and Blackberry has to deal with an overnight 20% loss of valuation...
  3. M

    Awesome charging cable for Riders!

    Just wanted to share. The Wifey discovered this brand of cables (Mentiz) from Amazon. Been using the USB C version with old Quick Charger for my Samsung S8+ and been keeping it charged at constant 100% while driving. Old Anker Powerline II cable never got close. I bought another one and also...
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    IOS13Beta - Dark Mode - Does it Work with LYFT App?

    So Apple is putting a 'dark mode' across the entire operating system with IOS13.0 and the BETA version of the IOS is out. Has anyone installed the BETA IOS13 and played around to see if the LYFT APP and SPAWNING of GOOGLE MAPS inside the LYFT APP, work with this Dark Mode? One of many things...
  5. EmOinDallas

    Landcape mode...iOS 12

    Is there a way to run Uber and/or Lyft in landscape mode on iOS 12? I have an iPhone X and a mini iPad...would like to have the iPad in landscape mode using split screen. Thanks in advance
  6. B

    Lyft crashing on iPhone?

    iphone 8+. Accept ping and app freezes. So ride is auto cancelled when this happens. Which is frequent. Any word on this from other iPhoners?
  7. Marcky_89

    First time user, I can't request an Uber... no matter what

    Hey there! I'm a first time Uber user! I arrived in Montreal from Germany and wanted to order an Uber driver to my place there. I set up my account and started using the app. Confirmed my Germany phone number to the app, even though I'm in Montreal. Everything seems to be fine... But every time...
  8. Yam Digger

    iOS 11.3 glitch

    Has anyone noticed that after updating your iPhone to iOS 11.3, Safari sometimes doesn’t respond when you tap a link on some websites...including uberpeople.net?
  9. James Poon

    Uber Partner app's problems and glitches

    Wa peng eh... Income lost income lost. Arghh
  10. BurgerTiime

    Researchers: Uber’s iOS App Had Secret Permissions That Allowed It to Copy Your Phone Screen

    https://gizmodo.com/researchers-uber-s-ios-app-had-secret-permissions-that-1819177235 To improve functionality between Uber’s app and the Apple Watch, Apple allowed Uber to use a powerful tool that could record a user’s iPhone screen, even if Uber’s app was only running in the background...
  11. B


    Just found out that IOS 11 has a option to record your screen activity directly from your iphone without having to tether your computer. USE THIS FEATURE!!!! Record you're entire shift, that wAY when you are asked for stupid shit you don't have like pax names and when you get into arguments...
  12. Woon

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 VS Apple IPhone X (IPhone 8)

    Iphone Spec 5.8" OLED display Faster A11 processor Glass body Edge-to-edge display Facial Recognition, perhaps replacing Touch ID No Home button Wireless inductive charging Three models - One OLED iPhone X, two standard iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Note 8 Spec 6.30-inch 1.6GHz octa-core 8-megapixel...
  13. BeantownSid

    Seek your input: an app to spot no-data zones + alarm on 4G outage?

    Fine folks of Beantown, I am planning to develop an app for Android smartphones that would help folks quickly find the nearest "green zones" and "red zones" as far as data connectivity go. Would that be useful to you personally: enough to pay (say) $10 per month for real-time actionable...
  14. R

    So, a pax showed up at my house.... !SAFETY CONCERN!

    So I've been just reading till now, but this made me really uncomfortable, and I thought I had to share. A few days ago, a passenger left their iphone in my car. I learned to remind people to take their stuff that day. I pressed the buttons and reported the item. The battery was dead, and I...
  15. Vagabond Charlie

    Navigation Question - Is My Ideal Setup Possible?

    Hello, everyone! Newb Uber driver here, so please, be kind. I did search for the answer to my question, but nothing got quite close enough, so I'm hoping you can help. Here's the ideal goal: Get directions from the Waze app through my LG Bluetooth headphones (using left ear only for safety)...
  16. Uber Doobie

    Android vs Iphone

    I seem to be experiencing a lot of connection issues with the Driver app. I have a Samsung Note 3. Last night I had to ask a car load of drunk Pommies to cancel because I couldn't reconnect to start their trip. I was really pissed off & they were both really pissed & pissed off . . . Is this...
  17. Geedee

    Best iPhone Deals

    Hi Guys, Looking at upgrading phone and getting an iPhone 6 to fit in with family. Looked at the Opus Partner Deal but 10% off is good but not great. Anyone got a good deal somewhere?
  18. CoolAnt

    How to stop notifications during trip

    I have my iphone 7 mounted on the dash so everytime someone text messages me or sends a facebook message, a preview of the images and message are on display for all my riders to see and read. It also blocks the navigation app while I'm in a trip. This looks unprofessional and is an invasion of...
  19. Charlie Schwartz

    :( iphone charger problems

    I do like to create a pleasant ride for my pax, and it's really awesome when I can help someone whose iphone is failing. Unfortunately, the charging cable uber provided two months ago has stopped working. It seems to be dirty. Some research uncovered this (it claims that this always happens when...
  20. G

    Switch from Android to iPhone 7

    The battery of my old HTC One M7 drains very quickly and this annoys sometimes. So I moved to iPhone 7 Plus. The screen is bigger and battery are more durable. My question is how to move personal data such as contacts and text messages to iPhone? I am stuck on that. Please share you tips in...