iphone x

  1. Marcky_89

    First time user, I can't request an Uber... no matter what

    Hey there! I'm a first time Uber user! I arrived in Montreal from Germany and wanted to order an Uber driver to my place there. I set up my account and started using the app. Confirmed my Germany phone number to the app, even though I'm in Montreal. Everything seems to be fine... But every time...
  2. Chaddymoff

    Iphone X and Trip Type Selection

    Does anyone else have the iPhone X and have trouble selecting trip type? I had a Samsung Galaxy s8 and had no issues. Now, since I have upgraded to the iPhone X (about 3 weeks ago), I have only been able to select trip type (Deliveries only or UberX only) one time. I have contacted Uber Support...
  3. Toronto

    iPhone X

    Just got it! I’ll let you know if it would work with uber partner app. Who else got it today?! Feels too small in my hand! Maybe I shouldn’t get the leather cover too slippery.