1. U

    iPhone 7 Plus - iOS 10 - sound of requests not coming through headphones

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with the brand new iPhone 7 Plus I just received in the mail. I am able to receive requests (I only do UberEATS on my motorcycle/scooter) however, when I have my earphones plugged in through the new lightning/auxiliary adapter I cannot hear new requests. I can...
  2. Phill

    iOS 10 Rolls Out Tomorrow... Who wants to bet it breaks Uber and Lyft Driver Apps?

    Hope everyone is going to enjoy the day off tomorrow cause I'm pretty sure anyone that upgrades to iOS 10 tomorrow is not gonna be able to drive. Then again you don't HAVE to upgrade... you can let all the ants do it first... perhaps swipe a few off and clear the way for others?