1. Kurt Halfyard

    IOS13Beta - Dark Mode - Does it Work with LYFT App?

    So Apple is putting a 'dark mode' across the entire operating system with IOS13.0 and the BETA version of the IOS is out. Has anyone installed the BETA IOS13 and played around to see if the LYFT APP and SPAWNING of GOOGLE MAPS inside the LYFT APP, work with this Dark Mode? One of many things...
  2. Marcky_89

    First time user, I can't request an Uber... no matter what

    Hey there! I'm a first time Uber user! I arrived in Montreal from Germany and wanted to order an Uber driver to my place there. I set up my account and started using the app. Confirmed my Germany phone number to the app, even though I'm in Montreal. Everything seems to be fine... But every time...
  3. Raven Connected

    Raven: An all-in-one connected car dashcam, perfect for Uber drivers

    Hi drivers, When it comes to driving, we know that safety is top of mind, so we feel that Raven is a connected dashcam and security system perfectly suited to rideshare drivers like you. The Raven device-app lets your loved ones track your journeys and the conditions you face both inside and...
  4. U

    App update for iOS

    new to the forum, does anyone have any info on when the app will update on iOS I’m in the Houston market. Thanks in advance!
  5. A

    Night mode not working - iPhone 8 Plus

    Hi there! I’m having a really annoying problem in that night mode is not working in my app. Everything is up to date, but whatever I choose (always on or automatic) it just will not activate. Does anyone else have this issue or know of a fix?
  6. James Poon

    Uber Partner app's problems and glitches

    Wa peng eh... Income lost income lost. Arghh
  7. BurgerTiime

    Researchers: Uber’s iOS App Had Secret Permissions That Allowed It to Copy Your Phone Screen To improve functionality between Uber’s app and the Apple Watch, Apple allowed Uber to use a powerful tool that could record a user’s iPhone screen, even if Uber’s app was only running in the background...
  8. ttssoldier

    Android app vs iOS app quests

    A friend showed me a screenshot of his Uber driver app and I noticed that he has a little icon on the top right corner showing his current quest progress eg 7/20. He has an iPhone and I have a OnePlus 5. However I do not see this icon on my app. Is there a setting to enable it or is this a...
  9. BurgerTiime

    iPhone users rejoice! iOS 11 stops apps like Uber from always tracking!

    But you'll have to wait a bit longer:( iOS 11 stops apps like Uber and Waze from accessing user location data at all times by Jon Russell (@jonrussell) Apple put a heavy focus on improving iOS at its WWDC...
  10. BurgerTiime

    Uber BUSTED! Hidden embedded code into IOS to track passengers

    Here it is in all it's glory. This is what got Tim Cooks attention and gave Travis an ultimatum and underwear runs: Tim Cook reportedly threatened to pull Uber from App Store
  11. MaximusMurkimus

    Is there a way to call pax if I use a phone on wi-fi/hotspot?

    I got two phones I use for Uber, one for the pl..... Kidding, I have my Android phone for the actual app and navigation, and my main iPhone that I use for the radio/calling pax. My issue is that since Uber randomly generates the number every time, I have to pull up the number on my own phone...
  12. UberAnt39

    iOS tip - press & hold for touchpad

    I'm probably last to the party but came across a useful trick yesterday for editing text. Instead of trying to stab the cursor to where you want it to make an edit in something you just wrote, just press and hold any letter on the keyboard, it'll fade a bit and become a touchpad, i.e. you can...
  13. E

    iOS10 with Uber Partner app

    Hi bros and sista, Anyone upgraded your iOS firmware and encounter any issues?
  14. ksign

    Screw ios8/android5 partner app update

    it's not like Uber was on top of their business. lots of frustrations, tensions due to the grey zone they chose to deal with and now, they get rid of their drivers who are not planning on upgrading their old devices...
  15. FAC

    Awesome Surge app for iOS

    *****UPDATE on app! This is a must have app. Three month subscription is only $12. And it paid off in just one fare last night. It's the only way to see if uberSelect is surging. A select surge at 1.8 still pays more than a 3.1 surge. So you have the opportunity to decided if you want to stay...
  16. RideShare Hundredaire

    Uber Partner App: Switching Android to iOS

    Hello everyone! I'm new to Uber and just joined the forum, although I've been reading it for awhile now. I have a quick question. My android phone just died on me, Sprint gave me an iPhone to use until my replacement arrives in a few days. I don't want to miss driving this weekend but when I...
  17. Violaman0910

    No more average rating visible?!

    Anyone else not able to see their average star rating anymore on the partner app? Also got a notification that said uber fare rates went up in Lansing but when I checked my app there wasn't anything about that anywhere. Would it be because I'm not in Lansing right now? (iOS)
  18. J

    awesome IOS upgrade today

    After a ride today, i had t0 upgrade the app. it is awesome.. version 3.93.2 1.i can now look at the map and see surges without going online 2. i hate seeing my rating all the time. it's no longer is visible on the map screen. you have to tap "ratings" at bottom of screen 3. i can now view all...
  19. UberMeansSuper

    Did the little honeycomb surge areas go extinct?

    Logged in today, saw that the app (on iOS) was back to the traditional surge geometries instead of that stupid honeycomb-like hexagonal 50 Shades of Red. Anyone else have this? Yes I'm running the latest version.
  20. DrivenToDistraction

    Reading Passenger Comments On App In Android?

    A friend of mine also drives for Uber, although he is using an Android phone while I am on an iPhone 6s, running the latest software (both the latest Apple software and the latest Uber software.) He showed me tonight how he is able to go into the Uber app and look more closely at the ratings his...