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  1. PTUber

    180 Event

    I just got invite to an "exclusive" drivers only event next Tuesday 12:00 at the Greenlight Hub. Invite says they will be unveiling new ways to earn more. Anyone else get it? I RSVPed.
  2. D

    Anybody get this from Uber?

    There’s something bright on the horizon There's a new update rolling into Denver and we want you to be the first to know. Join us on Friday, December 16th to learn about the new feature—and to take one with you. This is an invite only event you won't want to miss. When: Friday, December...
  3. bosborn415

    Uber Driver Invite Codes

    Hi everyone! I am new to the driver invite promo and could use some advise on where I can post it that's not going to cost an arm and a leg. I did some advertising on facebook but that can get rather pricey since I only got one acceptance out of over 2,000 views! Can anyone give some suggestions?
  4. Connect4Uber$

    I invite you......

    I watched this documentary on Democracy, and it basically explains the history of the the rich (middle/working class) and the poor and even talked about the good old days when people would strike to really achieve what they want. Unfortunately this movie also explains why Strikes and labor...
  5. JustDre

    Can I get an Invite?!

    Hey guys! I'm Brand new and have been reading a lot about JUNO. I tried signing up but in NYC right now its by invite only .....Any JUNO drivers on here can give me an invite?? Thanx in advance
  6. Harvey House

    About to join Uber, anyone have an invite code I can use?

    Was going to join uber in Brisbane, then realised I don't have an invite code. Anyone have one that I can use during registration, I think it's $200 that you get for referring someone (me), which you may or may not want to split :p. Cheers. Thanks, and happy New Year!
  7. OrlUberOffDriver

    OnePlus 2

    Anyone have an invite?