1. UberPotomac


    I regret not to be investing on this for the last 2 years. Best driving rideshare, for sure.
  2. BingBang

    I'm not sure what car to buy. Constructive input appreciated

    Hey all I'm new here and have been driving for two weeks. I left a corporate job for this (I've read the negs on the board and really am not interested in negative feedback or energy). That said I realize renting a car is just a waste of money. My current personal car is leased and I'm not...
  3. Fuzzyelvis

    Interesting article--about Chipotle, but I think it sounds a lot like Uber

    I think the part about expansion applies to Uber! Chipotle's disastrous 2015: What investors need to know BY MarketWatch — 5:18 AM ET 12/29/2015 Lessons to learn from the burrito chain's woes Every year, it seems, Wall Street needs to learn the same lessons. Among them: Don't expand a business...
  4. G

    Uber's Expanding Its Empire

    Interesting read about Uber's financial outlook and increasing valuation from NY Times: