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  1. A

    Drunk pax reported me as seeming intoxicated

    had a fare who requested multiple stops that took longer than expected. The last of which was 27 minutes! When she returned she offered me $10 cash tip for having to wait so long. I accepted and thanked her, but was still very unhappy. I decided to stop and grab a bite to eat and to unwind...
  2. Jack Malarkey

    Uber’s advice on dealing with heavily intoxicated and unresponsive riders

    Uber advised the following in an email sent to drivers on 23 November 2018 at 3.01 pm: Dealing with riders who are intoxicated or unresponsive If your rider is heavily intoxicated and unresponsive you’re advised to not end the trip, but to contact emergency services via the Safety Toolkit in...
  3. Annunaki

    Pax LIED and REPORTED that i was DRINKING and APPEARED DRUNK , yet i dont Drink, Smoke or Do Any Dru

    Last Weekend, just after my last ride, i was deactivated from UBER , and a message from the support team saying that one of the riders reported that i was Drinking and Driving/ was drunk and under the influence. !! i had given afew riders some 1 star rating because of rudeness and obnoxious...
  4. BurgerTiime

    A $1,600 Uber ride? Drunk man blacks out, takes trip from W.Va. to N.J.

    http//www.nj.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2018/02/1600_dollar_uber_ride_story.html After a night of partying with buddies inMorgantown, W.V. last Friday , Kenny Bachman thought he had called an Uber to take him back to where he was staying near West Virginia University's campus. Kenny Bachman...
  5. D

    Deactivated for Intoxication

    So on sunday I got deactivated for complaint of intoxication or illegal substance...Im sure you have all seen the email. So it is under investigation. I have emailed them multiple times and spoken to someone who proceeded to tell me that trust and safety are only done via email. Obviously i...
  6. N

    Driver Safety: Panic Button

    Would you use a Bluetooth Panic button? There are many options for driver(s) safety. We do experience situations that warrant calling 911, when there is no imminent danger. One of the most common things we run into is the drunkard, who admits they should not drive and still wants you to take...
  7. nomogmos

    Few Denver Promotions - especially "do-able" ones

    It doesn't seem like there are any/many (realistic) promotions in the Denver market. This last one, SuperBowl Sunday, requiring 15 rides in 6 hours, seemed unobtainable/impossible for me, especially after it took 2.5 hours to get my first ride. I have NO interest in Boulder rides, for thrifty...
  8. Nenee

    Crazy drivers last night

    With 2 wks ofndriving under my belt I have been calling it quits at around 1am when it's busy. I usually stay in Miami Beach. Last night I decided to spend some time in fort Lauderdale, wow what an experience. it felt like cops are there to babysit college kids and keep them from jumping in...
  9. Laura Smith

    Uber Rating System

    My ratings went from high 70's i.e. 4.76ish to 4.9 (for the week) by following an experienced driver's advice: stop picking up intoxicated people from the bars Fri. night and Sat. midnight into the wee hours of Sun. He was absolutely right. I thought rides for the drinkers were a community...