1. Pschynoll

    Looking for Interview partners (will pay 20$ per Interview)

    Hi all, my name is Paul, I'm a 24-year-old student from the south of Germany. I am looking for Interview partners, for a thesis written at the University of Augsburg: - The interviews would be held via Skype, around 45 minutes each - I would be offering compensation of 20$ per interview (via...
  2. P

    CNN seeking DC interviews

    Hi all, I’m a producer with CNN looking to interview Uber drivers participating in tomorrow’s strike. We’re specifically looking to interview drivers in the DC area. If you’re willing to speak with us on camera, send me an email with your name, contact info and when you can meet with us...
  3. Yam Digger

    Don’t Put Your Gig Economy Experience on Your Resume

    Did you put your Uber Driving experience on your resume? You probably shouldn’t. It might seem logical to put your Uber driving experience on your resume; after all, it is an honorable, regulated profession in most markets. There is nothing in it that you need to be ashamed of. But, will it...
  4. MHR

    Uber's Plan to Deliver on Flying Cars

    This is Uber’s plan to deliver on flying ‘cars’ BY MEGAN ROSE DICKEY Self-driving and electric flying cars are coming. What this means for our cities in the future is unclear, so I chatted with Uber Head of Policy of Autonomous Vehicles and...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Uber's new CEO throws Travis under the bus

    'Moral compass' was off at Uber under co-founder Kalanick, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi took predecessor and co-founder Travis Kalanick to task on Tuesday for leading the ride-hailing giant...
  6. UberwithStuber

    Interview with Uber execs

    Have you watched the interviews sponsored by Uber on YouTube by Uberman and or SimpleDriver. I found them very insightful and informative. Your thoughts...
  7. S

    Uber/Lyft/Taxi Drivers for Stakeholder Interviews

    Hello, I am trying to find contact information for Uber, Lyft, and taxi drivers in the general Seattle/SeaTac area so we can reach out to them to conduct stakeholder interviews for a transportation project. Please let me know if there is a directory or a good source where I can find contact...
  8. R


    i was told i have to go to a fitness interview because of my background check i have attempted assualt on the 3rd disorderly conduct and harrasment on the 2nd all in 2009 know that theres a chance i can get denied wanted to know if theres a chance i could get my tlc license
  9. U

    Looking for experienced UberEats driver to speak with

    I'm interviewing for a position at UberEats and I really want to understand what you think of the job (both good and bad), and just general thoughts on payment structure and the company. Would anyone be open to speaking with me for like 20-30 minutes? Willing to pay you, of course! Any help...
  10. MFCH

    Quick Video Interview with Uber Driver

    Hello all! I am an independant filmmaker and I have been asked to make a very short (60 second) video for an online magazine about Uber vs the Cabbies. We are putting both sides of the argument - any takers on a very short ten minute interview this week? (preferably Friday....) I can meet you...
  11. W

    Interview Thursday Uber Driver 45-57y/o

    Hi all, My name is Toby and I work for a company called What If Innovation in NYC (google us as I can't post a link yet). A team of us from my company will be in LA on Thursday interviewing people between the ages of 45 and 55 about their experiences with health and wealth. We'd love to chat...