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  1. B

    Seeking advice on buying multiple cars under a business

    Greetings i want to buy multiple vehicles under a business. I am wondering where I can go for financing and how I can get commercial insurance that is reasonably priced. Does anybody have any experience with this type of financing? and also this type of insurance?
  2. marcus.laboy

    Warning: Dropped Insurance

    Been with uber for a couple years and didnt notify my insurance company. When I had an accident, I was f*%$#ing dropped.. Went into the greenlight hub for help and there was an an Allstate office right inside. They offered me collision coverage specifically for uber drivers and I don't need to...
  3. Zodiacus

    James River totaling my rear ended but drivable car

    i got rear ended by a car on the highway last week, my car got hit pretty hard but nothing happened to me or the passengers, the cars internal rear bumper absorbed all the shock. My car is totally drivable so I drove it home. Unfortunately the car that hitted me drove away and I was unable to...
  4. uberguyoc

    2018 Insurance - California

    I'm a newbie and having a hell of time finding Rideshare insurance that isn't a total rip off. Can anyone give me and others advice on getting insured for Uber in California (I'm in Orange County). P.S. I've been insured by 20th Century for 31 years (since I was 16) but they don't offer...
  5. D

    Farmers Ins. begins WA rideshare coverage

    The insurer launched a hybrid rideshare policy system on Monday, per a Farmers insurance agent. Others with hybrid policies in WA include Allstate, USAA, PEMCO, GEICO, and State Farm
  6. BradSussmanInsurance

    Insurance for Rideshare and/or Insurance for Delivery?

    I have a number of clients that are driving for Uber/Lyft and also taking advantage of driving for UberEats, DoorDash, etc. and even delivering for Amazon. I know you (hopefully) have the proper coverage for rideshare driving, but does that insurance also protect you while 'delivery' driving...
  7. T


    So I was involved in fender bender in July, I gave the other driver my insurance card license, she took photos and later filed a police report. The next day I contacted her and she said she is calling her own insurance company and will take it to her own bodyshop actually nothing happened to...
  8. Wolfgang Faust

    Black/SUV insurance in AZ?

    Is progressive the only company doing black/SUV insurance in Arizona?
  9. U

    Got rear ended..need advice, please!

    Hello community! I'll try to make this as short as possible. Today, while I was in the process of going towards picking up a passenger, I get rear ended by another Uber driver. Basically, I was at a stop light, and apparently he thought he saw me move, and just hit me(he had passengers in the...
  10. HeyBruno

    Car Insurance & Uber

    Been reading the main site's insurance forum but I'm aware that insurance varies by state commisson and company policy. That said, I'm wondering if anyone here has any recommendations on companies and agents for the best deal for Uber drivers in Medford. I have personal car insurance through...
  11. onelanka

    Am I paying too much for insurance

    I am paying $840 for home and car insurance broken down as follows: house $ 149.50 mazda 3 $ 381.42 - One at fault accident in 2017 honda CRV $ 310.00- one speeding ticket in 2016 TOTAL $ 840.92 4 adults in the household all with G licences Any insurance...
  12. BurgerTiime

    Company “Sure” offering passengers extra insurance through app for 24hrs

    https://www.dig-in.com/news/chubb-sure-partner-to-launch-mobile-distributed-accident-coverage-for-rideshare Ride-sharing passengers will be able to buy accident and death coverage in a smartphone app. Insuretech SURE is rolling out a new insurance product, underwritten by Chubb, that...
  13. Vishnu643

    TLC brokered offered great liability package....but I have a financed vehicle

    So after dredging through multiple brokers because I couldn't finesse my way to a direct insurance request to the actual insurers (I called all the actual TLC insurers and not the brokers and nothing worked), insurance offered me a dpt of $700+ which covers the last three months. I know you guys...
  14. S

    Body shop deductible waiver and free loaner car?

    I was in an accident on trip with another Uber driver (on trip as well) and on the scene a guy approached me and offered me to have my car towed to his yard he is offering to waive the $1000 deductible to Allstate and let me use a loaner car so I can get back to driving while my car is being...
  15. J

    Car rental for rideshare insurance deductible...liability?

    I rented a car from local guy to drive for rideshare. He requested I get a rideshare insurance through his agent via Kemper Speciality. $200 per mo and I paid the the money directly to him. I also paid $225 per week on top of that for rental to him. He never discussed any of the insurance...
  16. BurgerTiime

    This is why you need extra coverage

    Full story: https://www.google.com/amp/m.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/hong-kong-economy/article/2148700/uber-mulling-extra-insurance-its-drivers-after-hong?amp=1 Uber mulling extra insurance for its drivers after Hong Kong death Ride-hailing firm in talks to cover drivers for injuries following Hong...
  17. B

    UK car insurance for Ubereats

    Just wondering what everyone else uses in the UK if delivering by car? Currently I deliver by bike, but the majority of areas I work in would be easier in a car as there is quite a distance between where you receive the pings and the pick up (restaurant). I tried Zego but they refused to insure...
  18. G

    Please Help Need Guidance On Situation

    So last night i was driving and i was hit by someone running a red. I technically was driving to pick someone up. I am not sure if i added that i was doing uber to my insurance ( i thought they notified my insurance when i gave uber all info when signing up) Essentially I will be doing a claim...
  19. BradSussmanInsurance

    Insurance Score and Your Premium

    One of the quirks of auto insurance is that not everyone pays the same premium. Your experience and your driving record has a lot to do with how much you pay, but so does something called the 'insurance score'. All carriers use different criteria, but it's usually some combination of your...
  20. S

    Uber Insurance Denies Claim for Uninsured Motorist

    In a scenario where I get hit by an uninsured motorist while driving passengers in the car, would Uber insurance cover damages? I even have a police report. I also habe no uninsured motorist coverage. Uber called my Insurance company and said I had no uninsured motorist coverage so they also...