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  1. Cabbie2B


    BROKER WEB PHONE --------------------------------------------- BLUEDROP http://www.bluedropservices.co.uk/ 01489 222 169 DCL http://dclinsurance.com/ 020 8669 4466 GMI http://www.gmi-insurance.co.uk/ 020 8850 5531 PLAN https://www.planinsurance.co.uk/ 0333 003 0056 HILLIER & B...
  2. Maven

    Insurance in Connecticut

    Insurance is required both by the State of Connecticut and by Uber. There are significant gaps in the insurance coverage automatically offered when online by Uber, Lyft, etc. https://uberpeople.net/threads/uber-and-lyft-car-insurance.60340/ I've discovered only limited options for rideshare...
  3. V@l

    What insurance do you use?

    My insurance it's due for a renew. I use DCL and in the past Motortrade. Just wonder if anyone can recommend another good insurance firm. Thank's.
  4. N

    Michigan Car Insurance

    Hey, I just moved to Detroit, Michigan where I discovered astronomical insurance rates. Anyone have tips on lowering costs, or recommendations for insurance companies? I heard it can be cheaper if you use an address outside of Detroit. Please help me. The cheapest I have found so far has been...
  5. stwilliams

    Will Grange Cover Uber in Ohio?

    Hello, Just signed up to be an Uber driver here in Ohio, but I have Grange insurance and can't find anything about them covering ridesharing services or not. Does anyone know of anything about coverage when it comes to Grange? I've got an email into their support trying to find something out...
  6. InsuredCool

    TNC, TAXI, & LIMO drivers in Florida consider launching an insurance company 100% policyholder owned

    Between 2015 and 2016 its estimated Uber and Lyft drivers in Florida paid a lowball $104 million dollars in insurance premiums that covered NADA 24/7 is TNC activity was discovered. That $104 million basically paid for the insurance card you keep in your collective gloveboxes. Kinda explains...
  7. RyC

    Out Of State Drivers?

    Hey guys! I really want to be an Uber driver for a while just to see what it's like. My license, registration and insurance are all in NJ. I remembered one time a driver told me his documents are all NY. I was wondering is there anyone knows if driving in State College with out of state...
  8. J

    always says onboarding.

    hi its been 2 weeks and my profile says onboarding. i live in long island ny. i questioned them and they said i need commercial insurance. before i tried uber eats in the same location and it all cleared the. when i opened the app it said your vehicle is not allowed in this area. why is uber...
  9. C

    Insurance rip off?

    I got a car from a dealership and of course it comes with the insurance right. Now the dealership company closed without me knowing in advance. One day i just got a call from a new dealership saying they got my car title because the previous dealership got closed. So i now pay to this new...
  10. inshurWhiz

    INSHUR: TLC Insurance app update - collision product added

    NYC drivers, We're excited to announce the addition of a collision product on the INSHUR TLC Insurance App. Now New York City TLC drivers can get liability and collision combo quotes for full coverage. Don't forget liability insurance doesn't cover damage to your vehicle, a collision policy...
  11. NoStopping

    Found 2 Rideshare Insurance for under $1k

    I found 2 ride share insurance providers that cover all periods on and off the clock one is charging under $700/6 mo for everything but collision, and the others charging right at $1k /6mo. I noticed the guy at the greenlight place was trying to sign people up for $2k/6mo even if you didn't...
  12. UberBy11

    How the Neighborhoods You Drive through Could Soon Affect Your Car Insurance

    Yay, this is my first post!! AND.....I thought I'd share this information here regarding possible/pending changes in the pricing practices of insurance companies : How the Neighborhoods You Drive through Could Soon Affect Your Car Insurance Ever put much thought into the series of...
  13. S

    Public Liability Insurance

    Hi guys. I'm currently trying to get my ACT drivers license upgraded to category D so I can start driving with Uber. One of the requirements is that I get public liability insurance of at least $1,000,000 for my car which covers ridesharing. No insurance companies seem to offer this and the only...
  14. SuzeCB

    $1,000 deductible

    I just went to municipal court this morning. On December 19th I was in a car accident where I was going through my green light and someone tried to make the right turn on red without stopping or yielding right of way to me. Smacked the crap out of the 2 passenger side doors and the rear quarter...
  15. N

    Accident and what to do

    I was involved in an accident this morning, while having a passenger in the car. He canceled the ride and called another Uber. But before he was gone, he left his name and phone number to the police as witness. A big semi truck was in the right turn lane and I was behind him (waiting for him to...