insurance fraud?

  1. J

    insurance for all Ubers in Perth

    Hi all, With the new regulations for ALL Uber vehicles comes the hidden costs of insurance! Yes you will pay around $1100 for establishing a vehicle with Omnibus to become "legal" but did you know that to be registered with Omnibus you have to be a business - with an abn? Also, as a business...
  2. BradSussmanInsurance

    Do you have a dashcam story?

    Putting a presentation together about the effectiveness of dashcams and the potential benefits to the insurance world. Share your stories here or email them to me: [email protected] (Personally, I think they should give discounts for them. I can think of one instance where a dashcam may have...
  3. vegastaxi

    Insurance Fraud by Drivers

    Did you know you can take a photo of a uber car and there placard and license plates, and send it to insurance company database and it is forwarded to there insurance company and that driver will have there insurance dropped, if your not covering the extra insurance, which is required by...
  4. SharedRideTruther

    Insurance Fraud By Drivers Who Don't Disclose Their Uber Fares?

    Me. I dislike being played, and taken advantage of, and abused because Uber can. I see the James River insurance docs and coverages, and I remember signing up for Uber, and NEVER being TRULY briefed that if I was in an accident, my pax would be covered for some $$$ by James River, but me and...