insurance for uber drivers

  1. T

    Auto Insurance

    Hi everyone, I tried digging through the forum to see if this question has been discussed before but couldn't find anything (probably didn't search deep enough). Can anyone recommend a rideshare friendly insurance company? Who are you insured with? As always, all feedback is appreciated...
  2. BradSussmanInsurance

    What Kind of Insurance do I Need To Drive For Uber/Lyft

    Sadly, most Auto Insurance Companies still specifically prohibit driving for Uber, Lyft (Rideshare) or for deliveries. This means if your Insurance Company discovers this, they will cancel you. (Insurance Cancelled = Hard/Kooky-Expensive to get insurance for the next five years. Insurance...
  3. BradSussmanInsurance

    The Quasi-Regular Insurance Update

    As a sponsor of this forum, I promised I'd give you updates on the insurance industry and rideshare driving, so... here we go! (I know there are new readers to this forum, so I'll include some of the basic insurance stuff.) While more insurance companies are accepting rideshare driving, there...
  4. W

    Need Full Coverage Insurance for myself and my wife (non-tlc driver)

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble finding TLC insurance that provides full coverage for myself and my wife who is a non-tlc driver. I've spoken to an insurance co that will provide me full coverage but only liability for my wife. We have a loan out on the car that requires full coverage. Any info...
  5. ChicagoPartTimer

    Auto-Insurance shopping...any recommendations?

    Six months back I switched to Allstate because Geico wouldn't cover me and it cost pennies to add a rideshare option to my normal coverage SUV that I Uber with 8-10 hours a week (the option just covers those in between times where you are logged in but not en route or with passenger). The...
  6. BradSussmanInsurance

    Tax Time And Rideshare Insurance

    If you itemize your taxes the amount you pay for rideshare insurance may be deductible. Ask your tax preparation specialist. When asked, I provide a letter for my customers showing the difference between the normal passenger auto premium and the rideshare coverage. If you need a quote for the...
  7. makes_sense

    Tradegy Uber driver found guilty of running red light in Florida faces a wrongful death suit
  8. Korz13

    Car insurance vs car rego and ctp

    I have been ask to 3 insurance as below: 1. NRMA : *cover uber as business use. *no cover for fulltime uber (not mention max hr/week) *rego & ctp must as business (if private no cover) 2. Alliance:*cover uber as...
  9. BradSussmanInsurance

    New driver demographic?

    Judging by the number of 'experienced drivers' calling me for insurance quotes, I'm not surprised to see this. Story here
  10. inshurWhiz

    INSHUR - new TLC insurance app live in NYC

    We just launched our INSHUR TLC insurance app in New York City. Drivers can now download the free app, take a picture of their TLC license and instantly receive quotes from top carriers. Best of all, you can purchase the policy straight from the app and your documents are kept securely saved. We...
  11. EagleX

    You MUST have Commercial insurance

    If you drive for UBER or LYFT you must have commercial insurance and if you don't believe me tell your auto insurance agent that you do UBER and see what happens.
  12. BradSussmanInsurance

    Maybe Other Insurance Companies will catch on (but I hope not!)

    I linked to this article in my most recent newsletter... Uber and Lyft Drivers are safer This is why Erie Insurance welcomes rideshare drivers with open arms, while other companies want to exclude you. Questions? (Erie sponsorship ended) or brad
  13. BradSussmanInsurance

    Insurance update (or not!)

    I promised I'd keep you all posted on changes regarding rideshare and the insurance industry, but there really hasn't been much movement. (Plus, you folks have kept me pretty busy - and busy is good!) :D While some of the big companies are softening their stance on rideshare drivers, there are...
  14. U

    State Farm threatens to cancel policy due to Uber

    My insurance company (State Farm) called Friday and left me a nasty message saying that if I countine to drive for Uber then they will cancel my policy, well I guess it's time to find another insurance company since State Farm will be canceling my policy, my question is how the heck did State...
  15. MGuber


    Just a heads up to all ride sharers in PA. If you have Progressive insurance, cancel it now and go with Erie or Geico. Erie has much better rates and clear "three tiers" in their own Hybrid policies. Here's my story with progressive. I had a minor fender bender (off app and off line). Cost...
  16. BradSussmanInsurance

    Dear Rideshare Drivers: Thank you.

    This article explains why everyone should be saying this to you:
  17. J

    insurance for all Ubers in Perth

    Hi all, With the new regulations for ALL Uber vehicles comes the hidden costs of insurance! Yes you will pay around $1100 for establishing a vehicle with Omnibus to become "legal" but did you know that to be registered with Omnibus you have to be a business - with an abn? Also, as a business...
  18. BradSussmanInsurance

    Do you have a dashcam story?

    Putting a presentation together about the effectiveness of dashcams and the potential benefits to the insurance world. Share your stories here or email them to me: [email protected] (Personally, I think they should give discounts for them. I can think of one instance where a dashcam may have...
  19. superdeals

    We need Insurance protection!

    Uber and Lyft divers... we all need to come together about our insurance coverage. All drivers are left in a bad grey area with our insurance companies. State Farm says it will drop anyone who drives for Uber or Lyft and will not cover claims if we are in drive mode. These two companies are...
  20. Lost In Translation

    Avoid Travelers Insurnace - They deny claims if you are online.

    I was in the Uber Staging Lot at San Francisco Airport. I was involved in a small fender bender with another driver. The guy was a total moron and got Uber involved, screwing us both in the process. I am (or was) insured by Traveler's. He was insured by State Farm. I was online but neither en...