insurance deductible

  1. Maven

    Overlapping Insurance Coverage

    If I have an accident with significant damage while online with both Lyft and Uber, but not on a trip with either. should I file a claim with both? Fortunately, this has not happened to me, but I'm sure it has happened to others and I like to be prepared. Assume there is no commercial insurance...
  2. N

    Driver and Public Manipulation...Fallout Coming

    The real deal on background checks: The City of Houston, TX has mandatory background checks and fingerprinting for all TNC drivers. Uber and Lyft lost the battle in Austin, TX. Houston has held its ground. However, all cities should enforce all rules and do spot checks. I believe Uber wants...
  3. BradSussmanInsurance

    A quick explanation about Uber & Lyft Insurance coverage

    While there are still only a few personal auto insurance companies in Ohio that will provide a rideshare endorsement (most specifically exclude it), here's a quick explanation of the differences in the coverage Uber & Lyft provide: The liability coverage* for both companies is similar in all...
  4. J

    insurance for all Ubers in Perth

    Hi all, With the new regulations for ALL Uber vehicles comes the hidden costs of insurance! Yes you will pay around $1100 for establishing a vehicle with Omnibus to become "legal" but did you know that to be registered with Omnibus you have to be a business - with an abn? Also, as a business...
  5. David Pickett

    Toxic insurance inquiry

    I asked Uber if there was any insurance for a minor accident like the torn vinyl front bumper cover on my car. The answer is No, $1,000 deductible far exceeds the cost to repair, and BTW, you are cut off until your do the full accident workup and show it is repaired. So, it seems like Uber's...