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insurance claim

  1. C

    Will Lyft deactivate me for submitting an accident to my personal insurance?

    I hit a patch of ice and slid through an intersection last week during a snowstorm on my way home from my day job. My bumper was cracked but the other car was fine; we never exhanged insurance information. I checked with my insurance. Our rates won't go up because of our 3-year rate lock and...
  2. KC4EVR

    Can I get another vehicle without paying a new deposit my car was totaled 3 weeks after I got it.

    I could really use some help if anyone knows anything about this, I had just got started driving with Uber the beginning of March and had a 2014 Nissan Sentra which I leased through Xchange Leasing. I had made only 2 payments when a vehicle ran a red light and T-boned me at an intersection...
  3. Maven

    Overlapping Insurance Coverage

    If I have an accident with significant damage while online with both Lyft and Uber, but not on a trip with either. should I file a claim with both? Fortunately, this has not happened to me, but I'm sure it has happened to others and I like to be prepared. Assume there is no commercial insurance...
  4. G

    Need help (hourly Denver Lyft averages) for insurance claim!

    Soooooo an idiot hit my parked car on Super Bowl Sunday and I haven't been able to drive for Lyft since. Unfortunately my work situation has also changed since then and I would have been driving a lot of hours that I've never driven before. Lyft will not give me any help regarding hourly...
  5. patels

    Uber reported insurance claim - suggestions please?

    This is silly of Uber. Before they contacted me they reported a claim to insurance guys and for the past 2/3 days they were after me. I couldn't take the calls but insurance guys left voice messages about the claim they would like to discuss and process. I have couple things needed to be fixed...
  6. W

    My insurance policy got cancelled becuase of uber

    Hello I just wanted to share my drama story and if anyone have any advise please tell me I used to have rbc insurance and i worked uber for 8 months and i had one at fault accident while doing uber (uber insurance fixed it) Rbc insurance called me out of the blue on october 20 2016 and they...
  7. makes_sense

    Tradegy Uber driver found guilty of running red light in Florida faces a wrongful death suit

  8. J

    insurance for all Ubers in Perth

    Hi all, With the new regulations for ALL Uber vehicles comes the hidden costs of insurance! Yes you will pay around $1100 for establishing a vehicle with Omnibus to become "legal" but did you know that to be registered with Omnibus you have to be a business - with an abn? Also, as a business...
  9. Lost In Translation

    Avoid Travelers Insurnace - They deny claims if you are online.

    I was in the Uber Staging Lot at San Francisco Airport. I was involved in a small fender bender with another driver. The guy was a total moron and got Uber involved, screwing us both in the process. I am (or was) insured by Traveler's. He was insured by State Farm. I was online but neither en...
  10. BradSussmanInsurance

    Insurance coverage differences between Uber & Lyft

    The liability coverage* for both companies is similar in all phases of driving, but if you carry comprehensive** and collision*** on your car, the deductible is very different. When you're driving to pick up a rider to when you drop them off (phases two and three of rideshare driving) Uber's...
  11. Andreanyl

    Who has Life Insurance

    I know there has been a lot of back and forth about car insurance and if you will or will not be covered if something happens. My question is how many people have a separate life insurance policy? I’ve only seen a few other posters mention it. With a policy costing about a tank of gas per...
  12. BradSussmanInsurance

    Insurance Coverage in Ohio

    Here is the breakdown on the new Ohio TNC insurance mandates, Ohio House Bill 237: Modeled after a national compromise reached by a few national insurance carriers and Uber, HB 237 establishes minimum coverage limits during all phases of the ridesharing process. In phase one, the period when...
  13. RamzFanz

    The truth about Uber insurance

    There have been so many erroneous articles, blogs, posts, replies, and rumors on insurance while Ubering it has left a muddled picture on what you need and what Uber covers. I wanted to clear it all up if possible. When you are an approved Uber driver but not on the Uber app, your insurance is...
  14. D

    Loss Wages in GA?

    Hey everybody, My car was in an accident and i was 0% at fault with a tow truck, while my car was parked, and it resulted in my car being totaled. Unfortunately this means I can't Uber. The insurance company is willing to pay me loss wages but they are saying i need more proof since I wasn't...
  15. K

    Vandalism from taxi drivers. 3 windows smashed.

    Hello, I'm in Portland, Oregon and recently had someone target me as an Uber driver. It was definitely Uber related as nothing was stolen, and they broke three windows. Someone (a POS taxi driver) is logging in as a rider and not hailing Uber rides, but using the app to find car locations...