insurance app

  1. Stable

    Insurance Product Research

    Hi - Our company, Stable, is launching a new rideshare insurance product in KY which drivers can use to replace their personal auto policy. Given each state and city is different, we'd appreciate the opportunity to learn more about what drivers in Louisville find important and what they'd like...
  2. Maven

    Insurance in Connecticut

    Insurance is required both by the State of Connecticut and by Uber. There are significant gaps in the insurance coverage automatically offered when online by Uber, Lyft, etc. I've discovered only limited options for rideshare...
  3. inshurWhiz

    INSHUR TLC Insurance App version 1.6 now available!

    Announcing INSHUR version 1.6 release We have been working hard at INSHUR to make buying TLC insurance a breeze. We are excited to announce our latest version 1.6 release which is hitting the Apple and Google app stores soon, please make sure you upgrade to the latest version. Download the app...
  4. inshurWhiz

    INSHUR - new TLC insurance app live in NYC

    We just launched our INSHUR TLC insurance app in New York City. Drivers can now download the free app, take a picture of their TLC license and instantly receive quotes from top carriers. Best of all, you can purchase the policy straight from the app and your documents are kept securely saved. We...