1. RydeGuy

    Best bonuses in Canadian Rideshare - InstaRyde Launches Friday

    Hi everyone, InstaRyde launches on Friday, December 1 You spoke and we listened. We have created a brand-new bonus structure that guarantees you per-ride bonuses—the highest in Canada. (scroll down for a detailed break-down) FIRST, those of you who want to drive for InstaRyde but who have...
  2. RydeGuy

    Instant $10 InstaRyde Bonus - First 250 new drivers who bring documents to 425 Alness

    Special announcement for those who have yet to submit driver documents to InstaRyde. Bring documents IN PERSON to 425 Alness St. and get ten bucks! Starting Monday, November 20 at 09:30am, we will be giving the first 250 NEW drivers who bring in ALL of the following documentation $10 on the...
  3. Uberchampion


    Hi Drivers, Due to a change in our payment processor and upgrades of the InstaRyde app, we ask that you remain offline until further notice in order to avoid any technical or payment issues. PLEASE DO NOT TURN ON DRIVER MODE - We will contact you via email when it is time to drive with us...
  4. Uberchampion

    I made $1000 driving for Instaryde on Monday night☺!☺!

    Wtf? Notice all the brand new "Members" joining this forum to tell us how great Instaryde is???? It's amazing how these guys are coming out of the woodwork to tell us about this amazing opportunity.... Geez.....just come out and tell us you work for Instaryde and give us the pitch. This "I...