instant pay

  1. abaker3003

    Instant pay unavailable due to ‘fraudulent’ activity?

    So I started working for Uber eats on Saturday (May 13th). When I put in my debit card information, i wasn’t able to collect my money through instant pay. I wrote a message to the support thing and got a response back immediately stating that the issue had to be forwarded to Risk Investigation...
  2. Zebonkey

    WTF, Instant pay?

    If you don't trust Uber and it's "technology", you are right. Have any of you ever encountered this: Support, of course, was not much help. I could not find any amount limits in Instant Pay FAQ. They have 5 instapays per day limit, but nothing about the amount. Here: What can I cash out...
  3. uberjunkie210

    instant pay down

    who in san Antonio is having issues with instant pay .. its been a whole week . fyi über customer service is HORRIBLE
  4. A

    Flex pay activated

    Anyone tried?
  5. Chocoholic

    Can't get Uber Debit card after creating new uber account. Support no help.

    So, after driving for UberEats for 4 months, I decided to add UberX and Select to my repertoire. Went to the Santa Ana Greenlight Hub and asked to add them to my account. "Oh no, you have to open a new account and reapply." So I did, passed the background check overnight, and the problems...
  6. sooths

    Instant Pay Removed

    Hey there guys. New member here. Been driving since September 5th in NYC. College kid going to school and doing and uber and lyft. Uber decided to revoke my instant pay due to me cancelling rides. Its been over one month. One appeal denied. Second appeal according to the customer representative...
  7. S

    delayed instant pay (uber)

    they warn u about a possible delay if u change ur banking info but not about logging in through your computer. apparently it's considered suspicious activity
  8. NewmanUber

    Instant Pay technical issues?

    Hey, is anyone else getting a yellow or red bar above their earnings saying that Uber is having technical problems with the Instant pay? I can't seem to find anyone else who's had this problem today.
  9. Andrew Held

    Anybody else suddenly having issues w/ Instant Pay and the Green Dot Prepaid card?

    Hey there all. I've been using my gold colored Prepaid Green Dot ATM card to cash out my Uber earnings and for months it's been perfectly reliable, but unfortunately it's no longer working correctly. Beginning last weekend, any deposit I make to the card from Uber's Instant Pay now ends up in...
  10. D

    where is Dara Khosrowshahi??????

    Instant pay still not working (3 Days And counting)) trips taking 8-10 hours to post(3 days and counting) Khosrowshahi took over the top spot at Uber last year after its embattled founder Travis Kalanick was ousted. He's become the face of Uber's turnaround in the months since, promising to...
  11. Jacob THE DRIVER

    Anyone else not getting paid today????

    Sooooo I still cant cash out for the day out of gas and its Friday night. Am I the only one????????!!!!!!
  12. LinnyVan

    Instant Pay...not working?

    I tried to cash out on Instant Pay but I get a message..."try again in 1 to 2 hours?? Anyone else? Finally a decent morning....and now this?
  13. mikewithebike

    Uber Cracking Down On Payment...

    Had to agree to a new addendum to log on today...
  14. Fiat_blu

    Uber app problems today 6/15/18

    Yesterday and today the map was glitchy, constantly changing or losing the route. Today I cashed out, Instant Pay, and I still don’t have my money in my account. My Uber account shows it ‘failed’, yet the ‘cash out’ button is not available and I show 0/zero balance. Some of my riders today said...
  15. burgerflipper

    instant pay

    do i have to cash everything out at once, or is there an option to select an amount. uber debit card, you know how it goes... i want my balance to be exactly how much i need for gas this week, no more, but i dont see that option in the app
  16. fake taxi

    "Adding a debit card is temporarily disabled. Please try again another time."

    Hi there, new to the forums. The first time I tried to add my debit card it said that the card number was wrong even though it was correct. Now when I do it it just says that for my financial protection, the ability to add a debit card is temporarily suspended. Been like this for two days...
  17. S

    New Uber Visa Debit

    I hate go bank but am considering using the new visa debit purely for my cashout. Whenever I try and sign up for it the page loads to a blank page......truly UBER at its finest. Is anyone else having this problem?
  18. B

    Uber Instant Pay via Uber card not working

    I use the Uber "business debit" card issued by GoBank with the Visa logo. Generally I use it once or twice per day to instantly deposit my earnings. I avoid pushing the limit of 5 deposits per day. Today I tried to instantly deposit a small sum, under $100.00 after verifying that I hadn't done 5...
  19. ChristopherHouston89

    Uber Instant Pay "On Security Hold"

    Good Evening Everybody! So just ran into a slight problem with Instant Pay. I recently switched from my local bank here in Houston to Bank of America since I wanted to have a national bank and I already have a relationship with BOA with my car loan. Well my problem is yesterday (Sunday 2/25) I...
  20. kc ub'ing!

    Instant pay. Not with my bank!

    Lil help. When I withdrawal Uber to Gobank its literally instant. I have immediate access to my dough. When I withdrawal to my bank it takes 2-3 days! Both are deposited via ATM. Why the disparity? My bank blames Uber. Uber blames my bank. I see the deposit amounts in my account but their status...