1. Dropking

    Uber Martinez Hub Out of Business

    When did this happen? The local Martinez Uber hub is boarded up. Seriously, Oakland or SF for inspections now?
  2. Daisey77

    Annual Inspections

    So I went for my annual inspection today. I highly DON'T recommend Meineke. I have to finish dealing with them tomorrow. This was quite an ordeal.:rolleyes: anyways I have a couple questions for you all. I'm pretty sure I know the answers or close enough but I'm just curious if this place was as...
  3. C

    Uber and Lyft inspections

    How much are you guys paying for your Uber & Lyft inspections? My local mechanic is offering a discounted price to do both of mine for $20-25. Is this a good deal? Let me know what you guys are paying.. I may be able to get a discount on the inspections for other members.
  4. UberGirl13

    Great experience at Jiffy Lube!

    I just got my first inspection done at the Jiffy Lube on Roosevelt in Lombard. I had the discount coupon from Uber, and I showed it to them before the inspection. They did everything super quickly, were incredibly polite, and when the guy handed me the inspection form he said "I'm not going to...
  5. Om3ga7

    Will i need to get inspection done right away?

    Hey Guy, i posted a previous message about my plans to move back to RDU. and it's official for December. From my understanding when i lived there in the 2007, I was able to do the following: Get new insurance policy, get DL changed and get registration/new plate. - no need for immediate state...
  6. TifftheKing

    need a lyft car inspection

    I recently purchased a new car. And I need a 21 point inspection to resume working for lyft. Does anyone know of any places that will do the inspection for a reasonable price in the Atlanta area?
  7. lgc252


    I am currently an active driver – last trip MAR '16. But need to provide a MD STATE INSPECTION CERT. I'm not sure I can move forward with this as my car requires a catalytic converter. I think - and I don't think I can afford it (my finances are not good.) The problem is - I can't afford not...
  8. M

    miami dade vehicle inspection

    Is it true that us who Uber drivers in Miami need to have the vehicle inspected. If so when is the deadline to comply with this inspection?
  9. BigJinTX

    Yet another Permit Thread...

    I've read everything I can find about permits, inspections, etc. in Dallas. I'm only looking for opinions. :) I'm approved by Lyft and Uber. Haven't gotten any permits or had the vehicle inspection done. As I understand it, I need the following before I drive: 1. Driver Permit 2. Vehicle...