inspection renewal

  1. D

    Reusing Inspection Report

    Now that Uber makes you pay for your inspection report and we have to use a third party like Redbook, can we get a copy of the report and use it when signing up with Ola? Has anyone else done that?
  2. G

    Vehicle inspection

    Where in the heck do I find the Uber vehicle inspection sheet for the inspector to fill out?
  3. Paulhale70

    Uber / Lyft car inspection

    Did Uber and lyft kill off all of the partner inspection sites?
  4. repairmatch

    An app that makes finding a good mechanic easy—introducing to the GTA

    Hello UberPeople Toronto! Our idea came from the fact that finding good car service can be a real pain sometimes. So we built an online service to help tackle the problem. This January, RepairMatch was born. You tell us your service needs, and we find the best mechanic for it at a fixed, fair...
  5. SurfCityDriver

    Incorrect Instant Pay amount and NO way to contact help

    Has anybody had this problem? Last night (Saturday, Aug 20), the Uber Ap said that the Instant Pay would be down for maintenance for a while. Fine, but now the maintenance is done but the estimated pay amount (which is no longer an estimate at this point because I added all the fares up) does...