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inspection form

  1. G

    Vehicle inspection

    Where in the heck do I find the Uber vehicle inspection sheet for the inspector to fill out?
  2. Mitcherator

    Safety Inspection form issues and support problems

    So I've tried to upload the Safety Inspection form that was requested of me on the Uber driver App. It was denied, not once but several times. I reached out to support and they gave me a copy paste answer 3 separate occasions it was the wrong document type. I live in the state of Utah where...
  3. S

    Mechanic Cert

    Hey guys. Just starting out here. I recently went and had few sensors put in my car at the dealership I purchased it from. Certified Mechanics. I had them do an uber inspection. Everything looks great except I just recently purchased this car so on the license plate number section he wrote: TEMP...
  4. T

    Vehicle inspection....

    Stopped at a Midas yesterday to do the inspection. I have one paint chip over my rear right wheel fender. It is about the size of a 50 cent piece. It is down to the steel and shows a slight amount of rust. The guy at Midas said that he would not be able to pass me and I would need to get that...
  5. IERide

    Inspection form rejected by Lyft

    I just added a brand new car to my account. According to the Lyft website, I don't have to use their form - I can use any 19-point California-approved form as long as it has all items checked 'pass', shows the VIN, etc.. I used the Uber form (does not have Uber plastered all over it) and...
  6. R

    Inspection Form Toronto

    Hey Guys! I need to do the Safety Standards Certificate for my car but I can't download the inspection form the Uber website for some reason. Can any body help me out?
  7. S

    What do I need?

    I already have a Maryland inspection from January. My car was bought within the last month. Do I need to get a new inspection? I don't have an über sticker how do I get it? They are asking me through text to drive people already. Do I need these papers to drive? I also don't have a Maryland...
  8. A

    Missing information inspection form

    I keep getting back that there is information mission from my form but there's not and it doesn't say what it is? Also, does anyone know if in Palm Springs you have to go to designated mechanic? Because my family owns a shop and has a state cert number, so saving some money before i start would...
  9. UberBeemer

    What to display while operating in Chicago City Limits

    So I know I had asked this question and I think a couple of others did as well. Where's the City Emblem and What do I need to display? Forgive me for repeating this, but I hope you find it useful. Check your email for a message from Uber with the Re line "Important Update to Mandatory City of...