1. Kurt Halfyard

    Why Do I Drive Ridehail (U/L) When I Do NOT NEED TO? A Serious Answer.

    This question was posed in a rather unfortunate and ugly way way earlier, but I am interested in having this conversation in a serious, and thoughful way (No, Seriously!) Ignoring the 'punching down' racism and framing of this former query (it's edited above, and I'm not linking to the closed...
  2. Retired Senior

    , Insomnia,and driving while exhausted

    Good morning fellow Uber Drivers. I overslept. Lately I have been trying to get to the local train station about 6:30 AM, that also puts me in position to pick up rides from the Ferry dock. But I went 3 days without being able to sleep for more than 4 hours a night, and it all came crashing down...