1. The INSURANCE Guide

    Who are the best insurance brokers in the industry ?

    Drivers have forever complained about their insurance brokers and I want to finally get an understanding of what makes a good broker and a bad broker, who are the better ones and and who are the worst, where is the FHV INSURANCE INDUSTRY heading ?
  2. F

    2 months after no TLC plate letter

    from a previous post I explained what happened . In few words . August 14 I went to tower financed a car . Filed application at 11 am before cut off (5pm). And got insurance from INSHUR INC. after 4 weeks I went to TLC office to check on my application but they kept telling me to go home and...
  3. inshurWhiz

    Time to renew TLC insurance? Check out latest features from INSHUR.

    Just in time for insurance renewal season we bring you the latest and greatest INSHUR app yet: We now have 4 TLC insurance carriers from you to chose from, more carriers=more savings The app now detects anomalies on your license and asks additional questions to get you the best rates Built in...
  4. inshurWhiz

    INSHUR - new TLC insurance app live in NYC

    We just launched our INSHUR TLC insurance app in New York City. Drivers can now download the free app, take a picture of their TLC license and instantly receive quotes from top carriers. Best of all, you can purchase the policy straight from the app and your documents are kept securely saved. We...