1. X

    Change TLC to normal lights process

    Hey guys I know this topic been posted many times but I want to change my tlc plates back to normal what’s the process Is it just go to DMV and do the process and then tell broker ? Can I advoid the upfrount regestration cost that is about to hit us $600?
  2. B

    Doordash carelesness with my account caused me to lose almost $500 in earnings!!!

    I have been a decently performing Dasher for the last several months. But for the past several weeks you have not rewarded my hard work with honest and competent support. On 8/14/18 my account was hacked and my earnings of $147 were stolen. My fault: I was fooled by a caller impersonating...
  3. M

    Need info/help

    Hello all, 2 simple things, I heard some time ago that the insurance that Uber covers during trip has a deductible of $2500, is this true? Also, can someone point me to any official Uber document that states how their "Service Fee" is calculated? I remember long time ago I was able to see a...
  4. Zdriver19

    Uber insurance

    Anyone has Uber optional insurance? Their contact info?
  5. YorkieLover

    Boat Show weekend of 04-NOV-2016

    How is everyone doing during the boat show? Any helpful tips? Staying away? Real time updates for this weekend.