1. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Honda Indy

    Is it worth driving in Downtown with this going on?
  2. übernetic

    Surge Map Dynamics, January in Indy, and Weather

    Greetings! Good Day and much Kindness for all. Ok... I'm bored. Not enough chatter among UberIndyPeople and the pings are scant today. Noticing the surge maps this past several days of challenging weather post-holidays... Friday was an amazingly robust day for select and 2.5X+ surges - uptown...
  3. J

    Raining in Indy worth it?

    Only been driving a couple times. its supposed to rain tonight. will it surge? is it worth driving?
  4. backyarddad


    Whos's doing it? Who did it? How well will it be? Will it be worth it?
  5. C

    New driving in Indy.

    so I normally drive in the Lafayette/west Lafayette area, but have been wondering about comming to Indy. I don't really know the town away from the circle, but as long as riders put in a destination I don't think it would be bad. What I was wondering is if anyone from Indy thinks it would be...
  6. W

    I have a question for Uber drivers in Indianapolis.

    Very curious to see an Uber driver’s response to a project we are involved in. I would like to talk to a driver or two and see if there is any interest before more more discussions. Our company makes an alternative fuel for government and private fleets for 1.69 a gallon here in central Indiana...