independent contractors

  1. BurgerTiime

    Uber has lost a landmark battle in U.K. court ruling

    Full: Uber lost an appeal against a landmark 2016 ruling that the ride-hailing firm should treat its U.K. drivers as workers entitled to benefits like a minimum wage and...
  2. Uberdriver_Orlando

    Pulled from hot spot!

    I can't understand what is happening in our sad depressing market lately. For the past few weeks things have been extremely screwed up with the method of receiving ride request. I have been in the parking lot of cowboys, on the side road of gilt during the surges. ( which are now adjust non...
  3. Maven

    New York Administrative Judge says Uber Drivers are Employees

    Uber loses another round in the contractor vs. Employee battle. _____________ New York ALJ Takes Uber for a Ride Lexicology June 29 2017 Why it matters In a decision with potentially significant implications, a New York administrative law judge (ALJ) held that Uber drivers are employees of...
  4. Maven

    Lyft settles lawsuit with California drivers for $27M

    May 11, 2017 - SAN FRANCISCO – Lyft has agreed to pay $27 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by drivers in California who said the ride-hailing service had misclassified them as independent contractors rather than employees. The case revolved around whether the drivers were...
  5. Cielovegas

    Uber Lawsuits

    Vegas Uber drivers should read this.
  6. D

    uber worker's compensation claim

    So i came across some information that might be useful. In the state of Florida, there is an attorney handling Uber driver claims. They currently have 3 clients all claiming injuries while driving for uber. They filed claims under florida worker's compensation laws. Now as you all know...
  7. tipster98122

    More cracks in the on-demand startup economy. IC's = devalued company??

    More cracks are showing in the on-demand startups. Nearly all of the on-demand startups, including Uber/lyft, use (and abuse) the workforce model of independent contractors often promoting the flexibility and autonomy of this arrangement as the wave of the future. A recent Business Insider...
  8. N

    Uber Black drivers - what would be your desire rate for regularly scheduled runs.

    Details: DC area, guaranteed trips from Ashburn to Alexandria in the morning and then return in the evening, Monday thru Friday. Return trip pick up would be a 1 to 2 hour window with about 30 min response time. Potential for stops in the district prior to heading home. Vehicle would need to be...
  9. chi1cabby

    #UberENDRUN | Getting Drivers declared as Independent Contractors by States' TNC Laws

    Ohio FLSA Nullification: Thanx to the retiring Rep Bob Hackett and Rep Mike Duffy, Uber will get Ohio Legislature to statutorily declare that Drivers are Independent Contractors, and not Employees, regardless of the actual relationship between the Drivers & Uber and the degree of Control...
  10. TomP

    Uber mistreating drivers

    There's an article in The Huntington News (a student newspaper) with this title: Uber mistreating drivers Here are several paragraphs from the article: What does it matter that a large quantity of clothes made abroad are produced in sweatshops, so long as they look good? And what does it...