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independent contractor

  1. N

    Lyft now covering unsavory pick up locations in app

    So recently I have noticed several times I have accepted pings from Lyft where the map was covered up and no address was given until I accepted. This just started happening and ONLY seems to happen when the location is one that most logical drivers would not accept. For example, Walmart. I...
  2. Mista T

    If I was really an IC......

    If I was really an IC (as opposed to a Dependent Contractor) I would have/be able to: * know the time and distance to pickup * know the pax rating * know the pax destination, or general direction * know how much money I will make up front (not counting optional tips) * know how much time will...
  3. Marco Solo

    San Francisco subpoenas Uber & Lyft for proof drivers aren't employees

    (From Reuters via Gizmodo: https://gizmodo.com/san-francisco-subpoenas-uber-and-lyft-for-proof-drivers-1826398148) "Among other documentation, the subpoenas seek a complete list of drivers who began or ended at least one ride in San Francisco from 2015 to the present and proof that any driver...
  4. burgerflipper

    Lyft auto-accept

    so the other day a lyft ping comes in and the next second, without my even touching my phone, it announces "navigating to pick up joe" and google maps pops up. i go back to lyft app and indeed, i had "accepted" a line ride at base rates while meanwhile uber is sending me surge requests left and...
  5. Certain Judgment

    Lyft CSR Threats?

    So I had my finger on the face of my phone because I was fumbling through web pages on Google Chrome with Uber and Lyft online. While I was doing that, Lyft, which has no time delay on the app pop up, sends me a ride request that I would have rejected otherwise and forces me to accept, because I...
  6. Certain Judgment

    A "Bailout?" More like "Bullspit!"

    I sent the following message to Lyft yesterday: Their response: I know for a fact their app switches passengers a lot more often than the parameters spelled out above. I have been around the back side of a building from a PAX or two blocks away, and the app will switch me to someone in the...
  7. Jack Malarkey

    Fair Work Commission decision holds that an Uber driver is NOT an employee

    On 21 December 2017, a single member Fair Work Commission decision held that an Uber driver is NOT an employee under Australian law. The case was Kaseris v Rasier Pacific VOF and involved a claim of unfair dismissal. The decision was that of Deputy President Gostencnik. I suspect that...
  8. Jack Malarkey

    Full text of Employment Appeal Tribunal judgment against Uber

    https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5a046b06e5274a0ee5a1f171/Uber_B.V._and_Others_v_Mr_Y_Aslam_and_Others_UKEAT_0056_17_DA.pdf (53 pages). Uber has foreshadowed a further appeal.
  9. Retired Senior

    Turbo Tax Self Employed Tax Over-View for Uber Drivers

    This should help people new to 1099's get started... and help to instruct them on what they need to document during this year.... TurboTax / Tax Calculators & Tips / All Tax Guides / Self-Employment Taxes / Tax Tips for Uber Drivers: Understanding Your Taxes Tax Tips for Uber Drivers...
  10. Zardoz

    When Lyft tax forms arrive/declaring as a business?

    Hey guys ! For any of you veterans here who have been doing lyft (or even uber) for over a year , when do your 1099 forms arrive in the mail , stating all of your earnings for the last year ? Just ask cuz I heard that if you are in the city of L.A. , you can file for an exemption on your taxes...
  11. Maga&dan

    OBAMA admins creating a new labor category for Uber/Lyft drivers: "independent WORKERS"

    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-01-12/obama-s-wage-enforcer-won-t-hail-an-uber-over-workers-status Obama’s Wage Enforcer Won’t Hail an Uber Over Workers’ Status by Josh Eidelson January 12, 2017, 2:00 AM PST President Barack Obama’s outgoing wage and hour enforcement chief says...
  12. Phasmatrope

    Concerns about qualifying for the Lyft class action lawsuit payment?

    Hey, as many of you may be aware-- specifically, Lyft drivers who gave rides between 5/25/12 and 7/1/16-- there is an ongoing class action lawsuit about the drivers being classified as independent contractors (personally, I don't see how we wouldn't be, since we don't have set hours/aren't...
  13. circle1

    Working For Yourself

    Excellent article http://charleshughsmith.blogspot.com/2016/10/the-secrets-of-self-employment-overhead.html This paragraph pretty much sums-up the article: "Every one of those things that no longer works well offers an opportunity for a self-motivated person to fix someone else's problem-- and...
  14. JaxBlackCar

    Jacksonville- BlackCar & SUV Hiring Owner Operators

    JaxBlackCar is contracting with Independent - Licensed Owner BlackCar & SUV Operators. If you are a licensed BlackCar or SUV operator in Jacksonville or the surrounding areas looking to pick up extra work, drop by Jax Black Car and fill out our Driver Sign Up Form. Click on Our Services/About...
  15. N0tU8er

    What is the UBER Policy on "Letter of Resignation" as a "Independent Contractor"

    Any exUber "independent Contractor, who sent out a "Letter of Resignation" as "Independent Contractor to terminate the "Independent Employment Contract"? Appreciate any advice on the process. If it is a "At-Will" contract, Driver should be able to "Quit"
  16. @earth_to_jen

    Start Uber Driver Email Campain to Florida Legislators

    Well, the Florida TNC bill didnt pass as we all know. The real reason? Senator Simmons said ex. Uber insurance had to cover when a driver picked up a fare from Miami going to Palm Beach all the way until the driver returned to Miami. Its commercial time. Driver would not be on road if it...
  17. @earth_to_jen

    Do you want a Florida TNC Bill to Force Independent Contractor Status on you?

    The Uber bill didnt pass. Lets get our ducks in a row and make sure when it does the Bill is pro Uber Drivers, not just Pro Uber and Insurance Companies. We need to tell regulators to abolish language forcing us to be Independent Contractors. Uber put that in there specifically to block us from...
  18. K

    I'm seeing an attorney tomorrow

    Ok, so living here in DC, the advantages are that you get to know who the movers and shakers are, and you get the chance to rub shoulders with them, given half the chance. I got lucky- one of my contacts (though I haven't spoken to him in about 5 years) is a high powered, very well known...