independant contractor

  1. BAKAD

    The Legal Argument That Could Destroy Uber Is About To Be Tested - Interesting legal approach!

    This will not get a lot of attention, but it is an interesting legal concept on the way Uber controls the pricing. If we are truly contractors, then why do we not have any say in what we charge the customer?
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    California's AB-5 BILL (Gig Economy vs. Employees)

    Seems to be a hot button in the US Federal election, even though it is a State Law. California often sets the legislation aspirations for the rest of the Country (and yes, Canada too) - eg. vehicle emissions, cap-and-trade, etc...
  3. SuzeCB

    Questionnaire from NJ Dept. of Labor

    Okay... So today I received, in the mail, a questionnaire from the state of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, and the questionnaire is a worker classification questionnaire. I tried taking pictures of the cover letter and two-page questionnaire, but the Forum is telling...
  4. U

    HELP ME CREATE CHANGE . It’s show time.

    I need everyone help in creating the largest possible list of reason that you all feel that we are misclassified as Independant contractors . In other words what does Uber do that makes you feel like an employee . Now if you feel like you are an independent contractor I would love to hear why...
  5. U

    Stop complaining about Pax not tipping

    There is a reason that majority of people on the uber app don’t tip . I can’t get into the details as to why right now but. I will say it’s Uber’s fault and it’s not because they got them used to not tipping. I’m sure there must be a few on here that can figure it out . I’ll just say Uber wants...
  6. Butch Cassidy

    'bump' pricing; driver's option

    We should have the option, and not just on snow days, to add an additional 'bump' in price, a minimum amount like say $5.00 to our ride. Create our own 'surge' pricing... and 'snow' day pricing added to the Uber amount. The customer will see this amount in their 'up front' pricing and can take...
  7. Jack Malarkey

    Uber loses UK Employment Tribunal appeal: full text of judgment

    Uber has lost its Employment Appeals Tribunal appeal in the United Kingdom concerning the legal classification of drivers. The appeal decision confirms the earlier decision that drivers are ‘workers’ rather than independent contractors. Uber has foreshadowed a further appeal. Here’s a link to...
  8. pizza guy

    Organizing drivers/herding cats

    Organizing driver is pretty much a joke and nothing but herding cats. What could be effective is a charitable organization that mobilizes massive amounts of drivers to show up to fill sand bags, give blood, cook meals for displaced people or whatever else is needed. What I would like to propose...
  9. J


    I've been thinking about this a long time. I think I could take down the beast. Until recently, with the new payment breakdown, Uber had won a lawsuit that stated drivers were "independent contractors" and not employees. I know for a fact that Uber has been skimming off the top for as long as...
  10. Toonces-the-cat

    This is the first independent contractor that I have where I cannot set the price

    If we are independent contractors, how come we cannot set the price of the ride?
  11. T

    The secrets of making uber a pleasant experience for you!

    So you've been doing uber for 5+ months and you're feeling tired and frustrated at times. Try these remedies and you're guaranteed to succeed. 1. Is Uber worth having a stroke!? No! 2. Make it all about yourself, instead of making it all about the riders. 3.Listen to the radio stations that...
  12. Toonces-the-cat

    I am living a dream or so the pax tell me

    You get to be your own boss. You get to choose your own hours. You get to make money when ever your want. How often have you hear a pax say that?
  13. pizza guy

    What's you experience with timeouts?

    I wanted to know what everyone's experience is with Uber's timeouts for not accepting pings. A recent thread linked to an article that finally confirmed they exist as we all suspected. Personally at a $32 guarantee I accept 100% blindly. My incentive was different this week so I'm being more...
  14. M

    Connecting with drivers to share there story

    Hey everyone, I work for a progressive Think Tank in Washington, DC. We are releasing recommendations for reform of the unemployment insurance system, which includes the creation of a job seekers allowance that would extend benefits to individuals who have not traditionally been able to access...
  15. Goom

    Independent Contractor vs Employee

    I was just reading some of the post from other threads and wanted some open discussion. Specifically, when Uber forces Select or XL drivers to pick up X requests. I know I have been guilty of being put in timeout for rejecting too many X request. So the question really is... if Uber can...
  16. KevinH

    Uber Drivers: Screwed?

  17. pizza guy

    Circulating petitions, can Uber prevent it?

    Talking politics and religion are the best way to get a 1* rating. If I am willing to take any potential hit with my rating can Uber do anything (or even count ratings from pax with different opinions) if I ask pax to sign an petition to amend the Illinois Constitution? I agree that an...