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increased commission

  1. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Uber should raise minimum fare to $10 to get rid of the trash!

    I know the people would pay A minimum fare increase to $10 with little conplaints. Also raise the idle time to $.78 minute and automatic no show after 5 minutes closes the trip. Raise road rate to 1.48 per mile and add tip option..Uber would make tons of money drivers are happy and get rid of...
  2. MyCarHurts

    Taking a Page Out of Seattle's Playbook - Don't Protest, Unionize!

    Yesterday morning I received an email from Uber, one which I imagine all Chicago drivers received. The email had to do with the proposed rideshare taxes being considered by the Chicago City Council. It strongly urged me to contact my Alderman, and even provided a handy button I could press to...