1. Attockpak1

    Price rises incoming!!!! Tldr: Lyft has already on average raised prices by about 15%... articles states that duber and Lyft will have to answer to investors and public market pressure to show results... They envision 2...
  2. LAHenry

    New red light cams in The City

    The City is changing red light camera vendors. Starting next month the new vendor will update the camera equipment at twelve of the "old" locations* and install seven cameras at the following new locations*. 4th Sbd at Harrison 6th Sbd at Folsom 8th Sbd at Folsom Divisadero NBd at Bush...
  3. Vishnu643

    2019 congestion surcharge increase

    This may be something you are already aware of, but check it out. Increased surcharge for all trips below 96th st in Manhattan. What I'm trying to figure out, how exactly does this impact the driver...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Lyft is increasing pay by 5% but don’t be fooled

    Fuel has been skyrocketing and is up from $2.28 to $2.62 from a year ago, up 14.9%! 14.9123% increase to be exact (V2−V1)|V1|×100(V2−V1)|V1|×100 (2.62−2.28)|2.28|×100=(2.62−2.28)|2.28|×100 (The irony of a Lyft ad on Gas buddy)o_O Trip 20 miles cleared 3 trips $12 < fuel 2017 $2.28 - rep by 1...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Uber may have to pay $4 million license fee in London Uber will face a big jump in the fee it pays to operate in London to 2.9 million pounds if the ride hailing company is granted a new license by the city's transport authority. Transport for London said on Monday companies with more than...
  6. D

    Hurricane? $12 increase?

    Just receieved an email from Amazon to work during the hurricane for just a $12 increase. Really? Prime day was a $100 per shift. A driver working with 75 mph plus winds and rain merits just a $12 increase. That's crazy.
  7. Instyle

    Living expenses forever on the rise

    Thought I'd kick off a thread about your general everyday living expenses like Electricity, Gas, Rates, Water, Etc It's seems every year the price of commodities are on the rise, with the financial year coming to a close many bills will likely come with a little note in miniature print about...
  8. U

    Uber NYC Fare Increase to $8

    Hey everyone, just got an email about uber raising fare for UberX and uberPOOL to $8.00. I have attached the document.
  9. Dawid Smreczak

    Price Increase Petition - PLEASE SIGN

    Dear Friends, I just added my name to the petition "UBER: Be fair; increase fares!". It would mean the world to me if you could also add your name to this important issue. Every name that is added builds momentum around the campaign and makes it more likely for us to get the change we want to...
  10. Joe Capola

    Are we getting RIPPED OFF by UBER'S RIDER FEE MATH????

    I noticed some very FUNNY MATH for the first time on my pay sheet. This could of been going on since day one many months ago so maybe I am just a DUMMY. Maybe I am the the last person to figure this out but if I am the first I want to share this with the rest of the drivers. This is a little...
  11. Showa50

    Prices go down Uber advertises, when prices go up...

    ... You have to do the work and find out how much. No real surprise here just slimy Uber being slimy. But the way they do it is important and drivers should be aware.