increase fare

  1. Canteev

    180 days of change

    Of the changes Uber has made, the only one I care about is upfront pricing. Anything else, I've mostly been hurt by, e.g., taking away the six filters. I see Uber is again proclaiming how it's helping the driver make more by charging more for cancellation fee, for picking up a pax from far...
  2. Toonces-the-cat

    Uber's Plan to Repair Its Relationship With Drivers w/o paying more money

    I watched this video (see link below), and wanted to throw up. Aaron Schildkrout, Uber’s head of driver product, is so sincere about how Uber listens to drivers and want a better driver experience. Hey, Mr. Schildkrout, raise the rates so that drivers can make a living. In the video, he talks...
  3. L

    New Tallahassee Driver -- Questions

    I am looking to get started with both Uber and Lyft in Tallahassee. I will only be driving 10-20 hours during peak times. 1. Based on your experience what are the best hours to drive and how much have you made hourly? 2. Do you receive many tips, if so, can you please let me know what your...
  4. Sfla415guy

    Uber Increased Fares & Drivers Got a Pay Cut/Mystery "Uber Fee" Explained

    Every driver needs to go back and scrutinize all of their trips since upfront pricing has gone into effect aswell as trips since the transition of showing our per/mile per/minute rate pre & post 20% or 25% Commission vs. now just showing our rate after the 20% or 25% has been taken. Many...
  5. Edman

    Uber needs to Increase Fares due to Gas Price Hike

    Uber needs to adjust Fares according to Gas Price hike. All my pickups were 15 min to 17 min away. I am not driving 15min for free to pick them up. Uber needs to add Pick Up distance to the equation.
  6. David Miner

    Uber has to change pay structure for smaller cites

    Uber needs to change how they pay drivers in Kalamazoo, MI (which relates directly to other small cities, also). Fares can go up since they are 50% less than a taxi and Uber can share it's wealth with it's partners. (Are we, the drivers, really treated like partners at Uber? My partners never...