income potential

  1. Gargraves

    Even/odd licence plates idea to double income

    Folks: Toronto Uber drivers should split themselves into two groups so that those of us with odd-numbered plates (numbers end in 1,3,5,7 or 9) drive Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays while those with even-numbered plates (numbers end in 0,2,4,6 or 8) drive Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays...
  2. B

    Almost ZERO UberX request

    Idk about any of you in the Bay area, but I have been getting non stop pool requests and only a handful of UberX. I drove 173 miles yesterday and only made $73!!! In 8 hours!! I just kept getting pool after pool (which I don't accept). My routine and routes haven't changed, and there is no...
  3. Dandy

    Easy money?

    Got a business card that says "A second income without a second job". Sounds cool and looks like I might be able to make extra money. If you don't mind my asking, how much do you guys make who already do it?
  4. Trying2survive

    What is the best Uber XL vehicle ?

    I have been driving my 2017 Hyundai Elantra for about 6 months and I want to add another vehicle so I can drive XL or more . I have been told that I can double my revenue if I drive XL and another driver told me to get a large SUV like a Suburban, Tahoe , or Navigator so then I could drive XL...
  5. E

    Take part in research and receive $10 each month

    Hello all, My name is Edward and I work for Streetbees, a research company operating out of London in the UK. Currently, we are conducting research on the incomes of Uber drivers around the world, and how they differ month to month. This is to help us gain a clearer view of how good living...
  6. Uber-John

    How much can you REALLY make driving?

    Bored whilst waiting endlessly for a fare, I did some back of the envelope math on realistic income (NET) and expenses. So, took a VERY conservative approach, used Excel to make sure I was right. Scary to look at... Bare in mind. This does NOT consider the time and miles to/from a ride nor...

    How I lost $300 working 48 hours for UBER

    Seriously people. We're all getting *ucked here. I'm uploading my findings after experimenting as an UBER driver for one week. I accepted EVERY request and provided TOP service. The results were disheartening to say the least. I assert nobody is making money in ANY semi-rural market. I’ve...
  8. D Town

    The More Realistic Take Home Pay

    A new analysis takes into account gas and expenses--and finds disturbingly low take-home pay for Uber contractors in three U.S. cities. BY CHRISTINE LAGORIO-CHAFKIN Senior writer, [email protected] WRITE A COMMENT told the Wall Street Journal that a typical Uber driver takes in more than...
  9. tiveba

    Are you making profit???

    For the ones comfortable enough with sharing what's the most you made in a day/week? Are you a morning or night driver? How often are you offered tips? Have you ever worked the after club crowds, what is it like?
  10. AJ_Push2Start

    Make More Money by Displaying Ads to Pax

    Hello fellow Atlanta drivers. Did you know you can easily Increase your driver income by displaying advertisements while driving?! Register for free with PushAds and receive your tablet completely free for qualified drivers who drive over 40 trips per week. There are no catches, commitments...
  11. E

    Rush hour average

    Starting Monday I will be working my full time job 7-3 Monday thru Friday just curious to know how uber traffic and surges are during rush hour 330-7 in the downtown Dallas area.
  12. V

    Need an advice

    I'm about to start driving Uber plan to drive 3000-3500 miles a month - mostly northern and central NJ. Will try to do mostly surge shifts: mornings, evenings and weekends - altogether around 50 hours a week My car monthly costs are following - $650 I pay for car, 200 for gas, 100 insurance...
  13. Tony Soprano

    Austin $ vs San Antonio $

    For those with experience, is there a real difference in the income you've actually made driving Thurs-Fri-Sat peak night times in Austin versus the same days and times in San Antonio? On Halloween weekend these were my "online" times and take-home $: Thursday, October 29 8:30pm through...
  14. JayDriveNYC

    Any NYC Uber Fleet Partners here???

    I am trying to research entering the business of being an Uber Driver and/or Fleet Partner here in NYC. For the most part everything I seem to come across with regards to being a driver has all been very negative. I have trouble understanding if things are so bad, why do so many people stay...