1. K-pax

    OMG gunna B ricH!!!1

    So excited! It’s gonna be a good week!! Ohhhh yeah!
  2. Fabio the legend

    Im BACK!! (almost).... please catch me up

    I'm an experienced Seattle driver but havent done rideshare in almost a year. I'll be returning to the scene in a couple of weeks and I have a couple of questions: - I understand lyfts power drive bonus (pdb) has been replaced. What the new incentives look like? - Does prime time/ surge still...
  3. MHR

    Lyft Tries to Lure Drivers From Uber By tossing us crumbs... The company has introduced no-fee bank accounts and discounted repairs for drivers. Mariella Moon, @mariella_moon 2h ago in Transportation Lyft has introduced free banking and deeply...
  4. S

    Lyft Power Driver Bonus

    So I had been getting Power Driver Bonus every week for the last 6 months. I couldn't drive during most of August. When I started driving again, I have no PDB or any other incentives. I drove 2 weeks now and still no incentives. I called Lyft and they said they got rid of PDB for Miami and...
  5. medusa

    SSDD.....uber sucks!

    Just when you thought the greedy dark lord himself (kalanick) was sidelined and offered hopes of true "partnership" and a fairer share of the earned monies , the prince of darkness comes in and makes things worse grabbing more money for the CEO's that don't need the extra coins. I see the...
  6. Wraiththe

    Time Matters for Incentives/Promotions

    Hi, For Promotions: be sure to look at not only the dates, but also the TIMES. The Promotion was to get 35 rides by 5/18... but it was really just until 4am on 5/18. Feeling tired last night and late for supper I went home with 34 rides... I guess... not worried, thinking I would easily get a...
  7. IdiotKBW

    On the road of transition from Uber to Grab

    I got latest update from LCR that we will be entitled to new incentives from Grab as they just became an exclusive partner of Grab! $150 for 100 trips and $100 for 75 trips. Anyone else got the deal above? Regarding those that are banned, currently You still cannot return your car. LCR’s advise...
  8. U

    LA Boost - OC Boost

    I get so many passengers that go from LA - OC (Orange County). How come we can’t get boost bonuses in both places? If it’s rush hour, why on Earth would I deadmile in traffic back to LA County? Should be able to benefit in both counties. #ijs What do you all think?
  9. Lady Driver LBC

    Pay Uber to Earn More?

    Any of you see this vid or receive this offer? Apparently Uber sent out a promotion offering to pay certain drivers more the week before Halloween, 33% more, for a fee of $115. Would you do it? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EDIT: To anyone who gets this offer and actually opts in - PLEASE report back on...
  10. B

    Any Recent Incentives

    Hello, I have been gone for 6 monthes, and have returned without recieiving any incentives (they had turned the spigot off when I quit before). 2 Questions! Is anyone receiving any incentives via Driving people or Driving food and if so, does anyone know hot to ensure you are on the right list...
  11. Jack Malarkey

    180 Days announcement: destination trips count towards incentives

    The 180 Days announcement has foreshadowed that destination trips from using the destination filter will now count towards incentives. At least at this stage, the announcement refers only to the United States. Here's the relevant part of the announcement: Destinations Count Toward Promotions...
  12. Krypto_Dogg

    Surge and Incentives

  13. Maven

    Uber Stock Options, Poll

    Please vote in the Poll. A stock option may be given by a company to an employee to buy stock in the company at a discount or at a stated fixed price. For years, Uber has offered some valued employees stock options as part of their compensation, but that has never been offered to (independent...
  14. Toonces-the-cat

    The Incentive to Drive is gone

    Well it looks like the incentive to drive is gone. Hopefully, it will surge this weekend because I don't think I can drive for base.
  15. A

    Uber full-timer's concerns

    Dear ppl of this forum, So, my dad has been driving uber as a FT for the past 8 weeks. He intends to drive for UBER FT. However, he has some concerns that maybe some of you can answer. 1) Its been noticed that UBER reduces incentives for 'older' drivers in their system; CashKing differs...
  16. DrivenToDistraction

    Uber's Newest Way To Screw Us Over: Incentive Bonuses

    Hi all. Just when I think Uber can't find another way to violate me I discover they've come up with another one. The newest for me is grossly unequal incentive promotions. I drive in the Chicago area, and for some time now Uber has been offering two incentive promotions a week. The first...
  17. Uruber

    It has to start raining...

    Ants are out of control today!! it is cold and the weather is bad, if they would only turn off the app to let it surge o_O So it has to start raining, at least some of them will go home since many don't like to drive when it rains. Sunday morning and with this weather, c'mon ants make pax pay...
  18. Uruber

    Pool and Surge

    If we all stop taking Pool, this may lead to an increase in surge due to drivers being in time out. Lets say that there is 10 cars around an area that start to get busy 7 of those drivers don't take the pool pings and get in time out for 2 minutes, that area that was getting busy even with 10...
  19. I

    How to make money with Uber...

    ...Sign up for Lyft and take a few days off Uber. doing Lyft exclusively. You will magically start receiving Promotions from Uber offering extra money. My promotions page was blank until I took two days off from Uber. This included the first week of January. After that, it was full. It's been...
  20. Zap

    Trip Incentive 12/19 to 12/23

    Hmmmmmm, went up $15 this week for me. $25 for 25 trips.