1. LinnyVan

    1.1 incentive 12 to 8?

    Are they kidding?
  2. S

    500 Dollar Incentive Not Paid Due

    I completed 125 rides this past week. I base this on the completed rides counter. Today, I wake up and see the counter go down to 118 rides and I didn't get paid 500 bonus. Anyone else have this problem? I feel like it's not fair as I depend on the accuracy of the counter to determine when I...
  3. M

    Phone number for uber sydney

    Hey guys, Does anyone know of a phone number for uber sydney, tried to go through the app in help to get an incentive review but the button to submit is greyed out.
  4. WesternEmpire

    Itching to Drive

    Waiting out the low ball boost and incentive offers is hard, but I know it is the right thing to do. Does anyone else find themselves trying to rationalize driving for the low ball offers? After all, Winter is Coming and driver supply seems very high. Too bad. I really like driving. fuber
  5. Toonces-the-cat

    I miss the good old days

    Remember when you were stoked to hit 75 rides and know that the following week you were going to make 2x per ride?
  6. LALyftDriver

    Lyft Deactivated Vehicle Inspection

    I just got my Lyft driver account deactivated today, Saturday 10/29, the biggest night of the year. It sated I needed to get a vehicle inspection. I noticed it after my first ride today. I was at 44 rides for the week and needed just one more to get the $175 incentive (for giving 45 rides this...
  7. T

    No incentives?

    I've been signed up as a driver since March. Except for the past two weeks every week I have received some sort of incentive, fare guarantee, extra money with x trips, boost etc. I know its pointless to ask uber about this--- but ugh !
  8. Fake_UberX

    Uber network

    I accept all trips , I don't care . I accepted one trip and then waited and nothing , happened again , same thing . By the third time it worked , did my ride and then look at my dashboard , acceptance rate went to %70 . Emailed uber , told them issue and got nothing . So question is , is this...
  9. Toonces-the-cat

    Drive your way to riches

    Do 50 trips and make an extra $35.00.
  10. R

    New drivers should know

    Hi All, I have been driving uber for a period of time and thought that I should give a fair insight of the dark corners new drivers should know before taking the plunge. 1. Incentives. I was very motivated when I first started out with uber. I did my fair share of calculations and my daily...
  11. Amazin_Blasian

    UBER - Referral Incentive is False Advertisement! I'm Suing you UBER!

    Hello All! My name is Nick and I am a new driver to UBER. I started beginning of August under the promotion 'Complete 100 Trips under 30 days and get $1,000.00'. So I completed the trips in under 2 weeks and been waiting patiently for my $1,000.00 to magically appear in my account. After a few...
  12. A

    Incentive Payment.

    Has anyone had any issues with the incentive pay for the Labor day Weekend? Please advise I did 9 rides on the 20 dlls per ride incentive and didn't received anything on my pay....
  13. pizza guy

    Are the Bears this bad?

    Apparently Uber is giving away Bears tickets to drivers for working this weekend. It's for the Monday 9/19 game. Not sure what's worse, Bears being that bad, or the fact I'd rather watch the Cubs from home.
  14. New2This


    The latest attempt by Uber to incentivize me. This latest pop-up when I tried to log off. Really?
  15. New2This

    Are good incentives back?

    These are weekend incentives for Gold. Being Mr. Cynical, I fully expect Uber to screw us somehow, like the Rewards Zone will only be the two NW D.C. zones. Unless I'm reading this wrong, from 4:00 Friday afternoon on it's 2.0X. As I said I expect us to be screwed like a kid in a Penn State...
  16. Showa50

    Week of 8/8 Boost changes?

    This coming week is the 'double pay' week for summers referrals. Don't be surprised if Uber adjusts the medal incentive program also on Monday, 8/8.
  17. U

    Incentive not paid this weekends Extra $120

    What gives, again I am not paid for my qualified rides this weekend, (the extra $120 guarantee) I worked 22 rides within the given time frames and instead of giving me my well deserved 120 they give me 50 for 10 qualified rides. These people really get under my skin, do I love that this is a...
  18. B

    Didn't get Non-core incentive

    So I got Gold status this week. But my email didn't include LA county Non-core. Anyone else get the same thing? I guess I will find out for sure ay 3pm from my app
  19. Kawiz03

    Metal Rewards Question

    So I reached out to uber in regards to the metal program since im not getting any incentives at all and this is what they said: "Thank you for writing into Uber support team. Happy to assist. The incentive that you are talking about is a weekly basic. For you to qualified for the incentive you...
  20. Sarlacc

    Question about Incentives

    Hey all, I'm in the Chicago market and received an email on June 30th saying that if I driver a certain amount of trips this 4th of July weekend, I'd get a bonus. For 10 trips the bonus is $50, for 20 trips the bonus is $100, and for 40 trips the bonus is $300. So I got out there noon Friday...