1. Higster4ever

    does Uber deactivate your driver acct after a certain time of inactivity?

    haven't driven since October 2015. tried to login today and could only login to my "rider" account. does Uber deactivate your acct after a period of time not driving? has this happened to anyone?
  2. Jedi Driver

    To drive, or not to drive...that is the question

    Hey folks, I received final notice from Guber that if I don't complete a ride before midnight, they are kicking me off the platform due to inactivity. I've been receiving "warning" emails for six weeks, and now I must decide. Can't make up my I drive tonight to keep the option open, or...
  3. Showa50

    Inactivity warning, Uber, Los Angeles, Nov 2015

    Received via email