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  1. Marcky_89

    First time user, I can't request an Uber... no matter what

    Hey there! I'm a first time Uber user! I arrived in Montreal from Germany and wanted to order an Uber driver to my place there. I set up my account and started using the app. Confirmed my Germany phone number to the app, even though I'm in Montreal. Everything seems to be fine... But every time...
  2. StephenT

    Tip amounts

    I am truly thankful for tips. Just a $1 on each can change an hourly from ~$12/hr to $15. Sadly, I average on good weeks about 1 tip every 5 rides. The $1-$4 cash tip will always be king, but getting that $1 or $3 in-app tip is nice too. I've had some weird tips in the last couple weeks, $3.18...
  3. Maven

    Creepy Text Messages Begone

    https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/10/16125052/uber-in-app-message-chat-text Uber’s new in-app chat will help you avoid exchanging creepy texts with your driver Aug 10, 2017 by Andrew J. Hawkins It was always a bit weird to wait for your Uber driver and then suddenly receive a text from an...
  4. StephenT

    In-App Tipping for uber in San Diego [not yet]

    As I understand it, once the tipping is available Drivers must first opt in (after updating the app). Sure would be nice if we just knew what version number was required. At any rate, I intend to 'opt in' as soon as it is available in San Diego whether I am driving or not. Any way to "sticky"...