improvement by uber

  1. QLDUberDriver

    Uber adds option to tip drivers as it heads in new direction

    One new change that needs to be implemented asap for making sure riders are not making drivers wait endlessly till their ready to go outside. Highlighted in red. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Uber is enabling passengers to tip its U.S. drivers with a tap on its ride-hailing app for the first time, part...
  2. tiveba

    Improve Uber

    What could Uber do to improve your experience driving with Uber?
  3. BillR

    Here Unfan example of why Rating System needs changed or improved

    Started driving a week ago. All riders rated me 5. One did not rate. A college kid, who is likely a doper, rated me a 1. WTF? Its a new car, no incidents. He found out in a conversation that I was retired L.E. My bad...never will divulge that again. Uber needs to have a system whereby one bad...