1. Edman

    Do Cops make extra money Impounding Cars at ATL Airports?

    Do cops make extra money or commissions by calling tow truck companies?
  2. M

    Car impounded for not displaying sticker

    I'm a new-ish driver. I was stopped by police when picking up a passenger OUTSIDE the LAX area (where its legal to pick up from). The officer gave me a ticket for not having my lyft sticker prominently displayed on the dash. (I had it in the car with me, displayed lower near the shift stick...
  3. vegastaxi

    Uber Sting

    All you Uber Drivers, should be happy, they have been doing sting operations, all week. So as i have seen, theres around a dozen less Ubers, to compete with. Getting citations and getting there vehicles impounded. I wont say where this is happening, because i am sure there continuing.