1. New2This

    Survey questions

    Got a survey. How do you answer these? They're equally horrid. Like choosing between Hitler and Stalin.
  2. Fargle

    I drove 88 miles an hour

    I drove 88 miles an hour. At least that's what Uber seems to think. All that was lost was $3.75 in cancellation fee, but the way Uber handled this so mightily pissed me off that I finally decided to sign up for an account here. In the wee hours of the morning, I finished a trip and a few...
  3. K

    Pamphlet to hand out to pax re Tips

    Hi All, I have put together a brieflet that fits on a 3" x 2.5" card. The contents are below. The format got messed up when I copied and pasted. I plan on handing these cards out to all pax on non-surge trips. Uber can't complain about telling the pax the truth. The numbers don't lie...