1. Mista T

    Pricing discrimination

    Apparently Uber (etc) are discriminatory in their pricing. Is anyone surprised? 1591990233 Thx L :)
  2. mrpjfresh

    Lyft drivers congregating on highway shoulders for PPZ

    Holy smokes. What a bunch of fools! Some guys actually out of their cars, bs'ing on the shoulder of the interstate like it is a gas station or the pig pen at the airport. Has anyone actually seen this in their market? I've seen some idiotic behavior by Uber/Lyft drivers in my time but this...
  3. Antvirus

    $5 Cancel Fee For Unaccompanied Minors (Uber)

    Steps: Underage children approach your vehicle After asking for age/identification immediately tell them no dice Start trip Cancel trip Reason: Prompt 1 "none of these', Prompt 2 "unaccompanied minor" Message support through -? Help -Trip Issues and Adjustments -I Want to Report a Safety...
  4. BurgerTiime

    WATCH: Uber Driver Confronted By Police After He Disrupts Sting Operation In a video posted on YouTube Monday, a man who describes himself as an LA-based Uber driver who was just busted in what has been branded on Reddit as an "unethical sting operation" disrupts the...
  5. BurgerTiime

    ‘Fed up’ cyclists send letter to Uber, Lyft asking drivers to stop obstructing bike lanes Bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups sent a letter this week to Uber and Lyft, calling on the ride-share companies to improve driver...
  6. M

    Hospital tries to get rid of patient by calling Uber

    Unbelievable that a health care facility would call for a rideshare in an attempt to get rid of a patient they don't want. Isn't this illegal?
  7. BurgerTiime

    More cities are cracking down on illegal lights rideshare drivers use

    Those illuminated lights are ILLEGAL! Despite what the companies say, those illuminated lights drivers use to display Uber and Lyft signs are distracting motorists on the road and they’re...
  8. S

    Stopping in road for pax: Illegal?

    Short version: Is stopping in the middle of traffic to pick up or drop off passengers illegal? If so, what should ordinary citizens do about it, if anything? Long version: I often encounter rideshare and taxi drivers who wait for passengers in the middle of the road with their hazard lights on...
  9. BurgerTiime

    Lyft’s dash signs illegal, despite many drivers’ assumptions Lighted signs are a tool of the trade for those who provide on-demand transportation, but local Lyft drivers report they were never warned they are illegal in Pennsylvania. Lyft, an...
  10. bender953

    Uptick in pax trying to bring alcohol

    I have had a rash of pax trying to hop onboard with cups of alcohol. I am amazed that they would think this is acceptable or even legal. Are these people this stupid or is there other drivers allowing this? I make them dump them or threaten to cancel the ride. Just boggles my mind!

    Alarming Video...(Please Watch) Do NOT accept any Pax child riders without a proper carseat!

    So this video was just released on Rideshare Drivers constantly accepting child pax without the proper car/booster seats.....Shocking stuff, but sadly Why am I not surprised? Don't put yourself in a situation where you'll be liable in case of an accident that leaves a child severely injured or...
  12. Donlen

    Illegal Pickup/Dropoff Locations Chicago

    Although this is my very first post, I've been lurking on this forum for a long time and I don't consider myself a new Uber driver at this point. A lot of great information can be gathered from this forum and I appreciate the helpful people around here. Seasoned Uber drivers who are already...
  13. BurgerTiime

    Uber is now facing at least five criminal probes by U.S. authorities Previously it was known that Uber was facing three criminal probes in the U.S., Bloombergreports. The probes are exploring the company’s use of potentially illicit software and bribing...
  14. LondonLuke

    Drivers Are Blocking Other Drivers From Receiving Orders

    I've been noticing a trend for the past four weeks that a Brazilian clique of drivers in my area (London) seem to have significant priority over me and certain other drivers. For example: There could be a dozen drivers parked within close proximity of a very popular restaurant (McDonalds) and...
  15. CerealKilla

    What do YOU do when UNC students or others pile into your vehicle past the limits of seat belts?

    For 1 it's a safety issue and 2 it's illegal. If you were in an accident you would be liable.
  16. Maven

    Jamming GPS Signals July 24 2017 by Kashmir Hill Jamming GPS Signals Is Illegal, Dangerous, Cheap, and Easy I ordered it on eBay. When the four-ounce envelope arrived from New York three days later, it looked innocuous enough. It...
  17. TimyTim

    I received a ticket for my Lyft lamp light.

    So I've been driving around and see many others with the Lyft light on while driving so I figured that's what you do and was never told how I should. I was cedar Ave and was behind a state trooper when moved over and he hit the brakes and went behind me. He followed me until I got to the exit...
  18. BurgerTiime

    New Zealand lays down the ban hammer! Crackdown on Uber drivers sees hundreds of bans and infringement notices issued Christchurch Uber driver Jo Manson says many of her fellow Uber drivers don't have the correct...
  19. Maven

    SDCs Will Be The New Drug Mules

    Self-Driving Cars will be used for all manner of illegal activities. Imagine the possibilities. Do not doubt for a second that Uber will gleefully be complicit. Delivery is too lucrative a market to be ignored. Think of it as "UberEats on steroids". Uber will claim that they have "no way of...