illegal pick up nyc

  1. J

    NYC Illegal Street Pick up summons

    I got a 1,000 summons for an illegal pick up / street hail from an undercover cop at LaGuardia (stupid I know). Has anyone ever tried to fight it in court? My worry is that if I do they will give me a higher penalty. Right now I have a perfect record. And I'm wondering if I could pay less but...
  2. H

    How to get Uber to pay for Nassau County Ticket

    Hey guys, I have to go to a settlement date in Nassau County for an illegal pick up. I keep hearing that Uber will help pay for this. Anyone know the procedure on what/how I need to talk to Uber to get them to pay for this? Thanks!
  3. Paco rabane

    $2000 fine for illegal pick up in Nyc .Beware

    Nyc council voting to up the fine for illegal pick up From $500 to $2000. Uber drivers or drivers affiliated to Uber bases received record summons for illegal pick up.