illegal immigrants

  1. RideshareSpectrum

    Too Many Drivers? Here’s a Reminder

    Posted this in a thread but it applies to most of the complaints Drivers voice from day to day in the forums. Someone suggested it needed a thread of its own: REMINDER: The entire business model of transportation disruption is built upon exploitation... exploitation of unenforced/able...
  2. FormerTaxiDriver

    If CEO Dara Pisses off Donald Trump, then will Donald fix our Livelihoods?

    CEO Dara, does not like Donald Trump one bit, and been taking jabs at him. I'm thinking Donald Trump will do something about this here. I'm a blood born American citizen, and my father immigrated legally, then fought and died for the USA in the US Air Force! Where is the American Dream...
  3. Karl Marx

    "Papers, please"

    If the illegal immigrants are kicked out, who's going to build the wall?