1. DollarFree

    President Lysol's idiot side-kick

    What can u say...
  2. waldowainthrop

    Bad jokes

    “Bad” in the sense of people will not laugh, believe you are not funny, or think less of you for telling them, not “bad” as in dirty. Do your worst, and try to be original or creative. Here’s mine: Why would you want a philosopher to help you move? They’re good at unpacking.
  3. Antvirus

    Lost Item At Wells Fargo Center (76ers)

    I picked up this gentleman and his wife in Old City around 1pm today. He was one of those front runner Philadelphia fans that doesn't know jack shit about basketball and is clearly along for the ride. He had the Eastern Conference ALLLLL figured out. Here was his plan: Pax: "Well, we win today...
  4. Andre Benjamin 6000

    Which one of ya'll?

    Fess up, I won't judge!:) Where did you get the green neon strobe, lining the trunk?
  5. SilentKnight

    Good job. Excellent driving.

    Whose the lucky T75?
  6. backcountryrez

    I should have listened to all of you about not chasing the surge...

    It had been slow all day today as I live in a town there people leave it go to visit their families for the holiday. The specific area I live in is in close proximity to hotels and corporate parks, so one needs to drive down to either the city or lower-income suburban areas to earn money. As...
  7. O

    Morons to avoid

    To start this one off we have this befuddled idiot in the airport staging lot. Guy attempts to parallel park but stops half way in the middle of the isle frantically waiving his arms and looking up, telling drivers to pass him as if they were the ones out of line. No sir you are the idiot...
  8. DreamCity305

    Lux is dead (even worse than before)

    I live in Aventura and I noticed how packed the area was Friday so I finally decided to turn the app on since Irma. I was online for 8 hours and only got one lux ride in the amount of $11. So I went home thinking Saturday would be better. Saturday = $40 dollars and only because I've switched to...
  9. Fargle

    There's no ferry until 6am

    I got a ping from one of the islands in the Puget Sound. Looking closer, I see that island is one that does not have a bridge nor is there ferry service until five hours later. I pressed "accept" for laughs. Here is what ensued over text-messaging: Me: Are you on $name Island? Pax: Yes...
  10. qiaoxiaopang

    Idiot PAX exits out the vehicle in downtown

    Let me start by saying I'll highly reconsider taking a pool back from Rosemont or any far place thinking there will be no problems. Got a STOOL PAX ping that was headed to downtown after setting DF to downtown. I'm thinking I don't want to eat the miles so I'll give it a try. Got a young female...